What Body Part Are You?
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What Body Part Are You?

Find out what body part you are...

Question 1:Is Huck Finn hotter that Tom Sayer?
They're both pretty cute but I liked Huck.
Personally I didn't like either of them....
OH GOD! I want both their bodies.
Tom Sawyer. Don't get me started. He makes me want to make love to a lawn gnome just so I can see him.

Question 2:Clipboards:
I have a puppy clipboard that my mommy gave me.
They hurt when you clip them to your nipples.
Are useful when you attend an ivy-league school, like me.
Painful but fun sex tool.

Question 3:What do you think of eyelashes?
They are so pretty.
Who cares? Let's talk about me.
Sometimes I just feel like a great big eyelash.
Not as nice as what's below the belt.

Question 4:If you ran into a teacher, literally, what would you say?
"Watch where you are going or I'll have you fired!"
"So sorry! The talking envelope must have taken over my brain again..."
"Hey baby, you free tonight?" Whether is was a man or woman.
"I am so sorry teacher, it will never happen again, oh please don't tell my daddy!"

Question 5:What do you think about puppets?
OH GOD!!!!!!!! They make me so horny!!!!
They come into your house and eat all of your oatmeal.
I really like Sesame Street.

Question 6:If you had one month where you could only eat one food the whole time, what would it be?
Ice cream.
Chocolate.... and cheese. Everyone should like cheese. Cheese is like the God of foods.
Cucumbers.... Heh heh. But I wouldn't eat them!...

Question 7:I'm hungry.
My appetite for sex is extremely large.
BACON! We're makin' bacon!
Me too.
Then get a job you lowlife piece of scum!

Question 8:Let's say that one day you suddenly realized you had no pants on. Then you walked into a shoe store and they didn't have your size, so they stole your shoes to sell. And after that you went to work and your boss wouldn't stop humping your leg. You finally got him to go away and went home to eat dinner, and suddenly realized you are gay. What did you eat for lunch?
Shut up, something like that would never happen to me.
I was laughing too much to eat: it tickled when the boss was on my leg!
A cheese sandwich my big brother made me!
I didn't. I was too busy screwing the person who sold me my shoes.

Question 9:Do you know who we are?
I don't care, if you are alive and have some sort of sexual organ then it doesn't matter to me, even if you're a freaking mouse.
Yesh. I am watching you through my magic computer. Damn you're hot!
Mommy said not to talk to strangers.

Question 10:Men?
My brother is a boy.
Tom Sawyer is so sexy that it scares me! I was drooling! (I guess Huck was kinda cute too. Stop yelling at me amanda! I know you want him!)
And women! And cats!

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