How would you stop bullying?

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I wanted to do a quiz on "How Would YOU stop Bullying" because I have been bullied I think it's time to know how you would stop bullying!

  • 1
    If somebody was bullying a girl you don't know what would you do?
  • 2
    If one of your friends was the bully you saw bullying the same girl earlier

    How would you react?
  • 3
    Let's say this girl or guy was being bullied about something with there personality and you saw them crying afterwards

    How would you react?

  • 4
    Let's say, your best friend is flirting with your crush

    What would you do?
  • 5
    Now finally! Your alone and it's peaceful your friend who has a speech problem and can't say there R's is getting made fun of by somebody y know...

    What would you do?
  • 6
    Let's say your not to close of friend just got into a SERIOUS SERIOUS car accident some people are staring at her like she's a freak but she can't help to notice

    How would you react

  • 7
    Now it's the end of the day your crush is really hurt because she has trouble breathing, her crush comes up to her and kind of laughs and she laughs with him because she likes him but you k ow it's wrong what would you do?
  • 8
    So now that we're getting closer to the end of the quiz let's get serious let's say somebody came to school with a broken neck and was wearing a neck brace had a HUGE scar and had to wear a sling everybody was making fun of her what would you do?
  • 9
    Now it's at the end I want to say something the people who mainly chose the bully answers you guys need to k ow the lord! People don't just go tormenting people even if you don't know them there human being understand!
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    Did you like the quiz?

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1245 days ago
Love, could you tell your bullying story? Because I have stood up for a boy being bullied and I was really heartbroken after he told me all about it.
1323 days ago
How did this turn into a dating advice comment thread?
1628 days ago
@love help me plz (look ma other comment it will explain i gtg play mercinaries on ma ps2 srry it 90:00 so i gtg il be on tommorow il text when i am k)
1628 days ago
my friend otis has no girlfriend but its our first year in middle school and he met this girl called zookie? and shes staring at him all the time, and blushing. stalking. when ever me and otis walk anywhere she stares and whispers? is it bullying? help, otis is my best friend, i need to help him find out? but yea, help it keeps me up at night thinking about if otis is okay, or zookie is a bully
1701 days ago
Love: Yes you should totally go for it!!!!!!! You should definitely say something like what you wrote!! It sounded great!! Good luck!!!!

Also I STILL need crush advice :P I liked this boy at school but he never made a move to talk to me because he is shy but then I liked the new boy (I already had said this) because we went to a party at his family's house because my mom knew his family and me and him played with his dog. BUT.... Yesterday I saw his little brother smiling at me and I think his brother knows I liked this older brother (the boy who was shy) and he kept giggling around his brother. I don't know what to do!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!!
1702 days ago
omg love u should totally go for it!!!!!!!!! ik its been like 2 days since that conversation so maybe he said somthing in those 2 days?
1704 days ago
Oh my gosh! I think I'm telling Micah I like him today! Should I just give him really easy hints? Or should I tell him straight on? Help please?? I'm thinking about doing this...

Me: guess who my crush is?
Micah: Josh?
Me: nope
Micah: then whoL
Me: he is in the same grade as you,
His name starts with a a M and he
Is kinda a close friend of mine well I hangout with him
Brother: Mom is calling for u!
Me: think about it bye
1704 days ago
Yaay thanks i was so hopings you would say that because i definitely like the new boy better!! (nothing against the other boy) He's super sweet and he loves animals (i do too), which is awesome. And like i said he sort of already knows me just from seeing him around and I think he likes me :D

Yeah I liked the other boy for a while but I never really initiated the conversations and he was waaay too shy to talk to me so unless he changes his mind i like the new boy so much better :) thanks for the advice!!!! You've helped me so much!! :DD
1705 days ago
Thanks for saying that!!😜😜
Okay so this boy he never made a move? I had the same situation happen to me! Lol
This other boy for what i'v heard, seems more like your type of guy!
I think today u should tell him u like him! And see what he thinks
And if he dosnt like you the new guy, then become closer friends and he might devlope feelings!
1705 days ago
i also meant "this" not "his" ugg i keep typings wrong lol
1705 days ago
oops didn't mean to send that twice
1705 days ago
I meant "appreciate" i spelled it wrong lol :P
1705 days ago
thanks i sooo apreciate that!! :DD you sound like an awesome person:) I do need some advice because i liked his boy for a while but he never made the move to talk to me and I think i should just give up on him because I met this other boy who is super cute and fun and we played with his dog at a party recently and he kept smiling at me!! i don't know who to pick but i like this new boy better because he's talkative and we're actually kind of new friends :) PLEASE HELP!!
1706 days ago
Your welcome girlie I'm always here for ya! If u need advice text me!
1707 days ago
i needed to realize that i don't have to be besties with everyone so thanks for the advice!!
1707 days ago
thanks!! that should help!!!
1707 days ago
Well maybe just be yourself,
And whoever is sweet will come to you.
Also u don't have to become BESTIES immediately!
1707 days ago
So i also thought maybe I should branch out and make new friends but it is never that easy to do it for me at least. any advice for making friends?
1707 days ago
So guys i need advice. It seems like most of my friends are ALWAYS busy during the summer with vacations and stuff and its super frustrating because they're never available to come over to my house. :( And the annoying thing is that I'm the one who is always calling and texting them and I wish they would be the ones to initiate and invite me over or text me out of the blue but they usually don't...soooo. I'm the one that has to always invite them over and call them. Any advice please?? It's getting really aggravating.
1707 days ago
If u want to know my bully story or life story just ask me in commets