How would you stop bullying?

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I wanted to do a quiz on "How Would YOU stop Bullying" because I have been bullied I think it's time to know how you would stop bullying!

  • 1
    If somebody was bullying a girl you don't know what would you do?
  • 2
    If one of your friends was the bully you saw bullying the same girl earlier

    How would you react?
  • 3
    Let's say this girl or guy was being bullied about something with there personality and you saw them crying afterwards

    How would you react?

  • 4
    Let's say, your best friend is flirting with your crush

    What would you do?
  • 5
    Now finally! Your alone and it's peaceful your friend who has a speech problem and can't say there R's is getting made fun of by somebody y know...

    What would you do?
  • 6
    Let's say your not to close of friend just got into a SERIOUS SERIOUS car accident some people are staring at her like she's a freak but she can't help to notice

    How would you react

  • 7
    Now it's the end of the day your crush is really hurt because she has trouble breathing, her crush comes up to her and kind of laughs and she laughs with him because she likes him but you k ow it's wrong what would you do?
  • 8
    So now that we're getting closer to the end of the quiz let's get serious let's say somebody came to school with a broken neck and was wearing a neck brace had a HUGE scar and had to wear a sling everybody was making fun of her what would you do?
  • 9
    Now it's at the end I want to say something the people who mainly chose the bully answers you guys need to k ow the lord! People don't just go tormenting people even if you don't know them there human being understand!
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    Did you like the quiz?

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1650 days ago
yeah Harlie i really appreciate it!! :D I think I would've just kept on being upset so thanks for the advice!! to: love: thanks too I really needed to hear your advice!!
1651 days ago
np haylie glad i could help. and love if u like him just text him that u like him and avoid him for a few days after.:) and just dont tell your parents:)
1651 days ago
1651 days ago

I get wmojis because I use my iPad lol it gives me emojis! On the keyboard lol!

Also, I know I'm supposed to be the advice person but I need advice!
So th thing is my neighbor u already know the story I like him but I can't tell him cause if would be awkward si de we hangout every day. But I see that I LIKE HOM A LOT ! I ahve been having dreams of me and him dating when we're 17 cause I can't date yet but he prob dosnt see me that way sadly...๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ so just wondering are there any ideas to kinda... Tell him but not in person? And I don't need his ni,bet and I wish I had it but we're neighbors so yea... HELP
1651 days ago
and i keep confusing us because your name is similar to Haylie so I never know who's writing who! :) LOL :P
1651 days ago
to harlie thanks so much i needed to hear that!!!! I kept feeling like I had to be her friend or explain but i just went to an event and she was there and I just ignored her (not in a bad way or anything at all) but I think it was probably a good thing because now she knows what it's like to be ignored. maybe one day she'll be friends again but right now I just can't worry about her and I think that way is probably the best.

I know...I can't get emoji's either!!! :( except for smiles and frowns lol. :) :( It's probably because our computers are the same and they don't have emoji's or something
1651 days ago
and one more thing:) love how do u get emoji's???????????
1651 days ago
yh haylie i agree with love she dosnt deserve u. exept i was the one who did that to my friend and ik its not right but i did do it and trust me being popular is not what its cracked up to be. u are expected todo things that u dont even want todo. so yes give her space but i can promise u that she misses her OLD life. she may not see it now but she will, so right now the best thing u can do is give her time. and dont look like u miss her show her that u dont need her.:)
1651 days ago
to haylie: on the other website and they said somthing about they had been texting this guy and they wanted to get together over the weekend but that wasn't me and i diddnt want yall to get confused:)
1651 days ago
Thanks soooooo much 4 the advice!!! aww thanks you're so sweet! :D everyone has helped me so i feel like your friend too!! Yeah I try to be nice to her but you're right, she doesn't really want to be my friend so I guess I should just stop worrying about it:) I mean, I'm just really glad that I still have friends at least :) by the way thanks for making this quiz!!
1651 days ago
Hey guys! Haylie so, I kinda have been through the same problem with my friends...
To be honest she DOES NOT I REPEAT DOES NOT DESERVE U ONE BIT!!! If she just stopped talking to you for the "Popular" kids then she wasn't a good friend in the end at all. My family has tought me if somebody dosnt like u for YOU then they don't deserve you. And typings to you over the last couple days I feel like I'm your friend to be honest๐Ÿ˜œ And so far you are one of the kindest hearts I know!! So if she dosnt talk to her just ignore it and I bet tons of people have told u to ignore it and I k ow it's hard but you have us to type to and tLk to when your said your NOT ALONE NOBODY IS ALONE!! anyways sorry that was long! Lol! But if anybody needs advice commet down and I'll give u a long answer!!

1651 days ago
wait what? thats really weird! on the other quiz or this one? and what comment was it?
1651 days ago
oh than maybe just space. but just so yall know somebody longed in as my name and its not me just so y'all know. they did it on the other thing about love. but idk
1651 days ago
Yeah i know I'm just really sad because we were great friends. And I literally don't remember one time where I could've said something. She just changed and now she hangs out with all the popular girls and doesn't talk to me or my friends anymore :( My best friend was the one that had to stand up for me and she told her that there was nothing wrong with me but now she isn't friends with her anymore either so now I feel like I ruined her (the girl that wasn't that nice i don't want to say her name) friendship with my best friend. But my best friend said it wasn't my fault and she has been a great friend. But I just wish I could explain but i can't because she completely ignores me :(( anyway sorry I'm typings so much its just really confusing
1652 days ago
haylie if she wont talk to u then leave it alone and wait for her to come to u. and if she dosnt anytime soon then ask your siblings to ask her what her problem is with u.:) and maybe try to think back and see if u may have said something or done something that could of hurt her feelings and diddnt notice it. and maybe just apoligize to her even if u dont know what u did>:)
1652 days ago
never mind i found it.:)
1652 days ago
haha number nine love it haha
1652 days ago
Hi! (its me Haylie from the other quiz) Yay I'm first to comment!! :D I do need some bullying advice because my best friend (she was awesome. she would talk to me about my problems and gave me advice on the crush i had) stopped talking to me for no reason at ALL. i TRIED to explain to her that I didn't understand why she was so upset but she has completely ignored me for like 2 whole years. She still talks to my other siblings but NOT ME. Please help!!
1652 days ago
Hey everyone'! If u need advice on bullying or crushes or anything just comment down below!