Are You Being Bullied?

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Do you think you’re being bullied at school, work, or social events or gatherings? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place! I am experiencing bullying, so I know what it looks like. Take the quiz to find out whether the person is just rude, or is targeting and bullying you.

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    Hello! To start off with, are you being bullied at work, school, or somewhere else?

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118 days ago
welp i'm being bullied by my brothers apparently :-
302 days ago there you go everyone
326 days ago
Well, A perfect story about my bullied life. Normally, There would always be a person who bullies you but some bullying stories will go too far. When i was in kindergarten, i had a childhood friend and we always talked and had fun for ourselves! But one day, he betrayed me and bullied me for the rest of my life. In fact, he got new friends when we were in middle school and they bullied me to death! And, because of them, i am having mental breakdowns and panic attacks. I often thought about ending my life but i didn't. The teachers are not helping me either, (so is my parents), i am facing severe depression and anxiety and i don't know what to do. But this is the Internet and i can express my real emotions and what i thought about. I know some people don't agree but this is the thing i am going to say, Internet is better than Reality! Because I can forget what is happening in reality when i am on social media. This is a part of my story about my life but i also have a lot of things to say but i am gonna keep it to myself.
Have a great day people!
349 days ago
I moved to Twickenham three weeks ago , and guess what !
On my first day in the new school, there was this girl who is always annoying, and disturb me in class , she make me annoyed 😣, but we were new friends 😜then on the third day of school for me , she walked up to me and said that I made her annoyed 😠😟!

And she said our friendship is over 😭😭😭,she even team up with my friends, I don’t know what did I did wrongly 🤭!
And it hurts a lot 😢😢
I am always bullied, my first time to get bullied is when I am in primary 2 , I got bullied by my group of bestest friends 🥺😭😭😭! So friends have a lot but not all of them are your true friends 🙄😰no one knows how it feels not until it happens to them 😶‍🌫️😓
383 days ago
I have these girls in my class: Mara, Olivia, Johanna, And Rayne They constantly gossip about me and my bff Carly! She's being bullied by them too. The other day, they said that I am flirting with someone, but I wasn't. So i told them that, and they just smiled and said that I was. So the next day I told Carly's mom who works at the school, and she said to tell the principal, but I dont want people to call me a tattletale. What the heck do i do?
383 days ago
@dogo isn’t saying “all lives matter” offensive though?
431 days ago
These 2 really annoying people sit next to me in like a bajillion subjects and they are always taking my stuff and breaking it. ALWAYS! It's gotten to the point where I have to literally SIT on my stuff so they won't take it. And what have I done to deserve this? Nothing! (Btw I am 11 in North England in hi school )
I need advice what I should do.
482 days ago
I have been bullied a lot in my school because in November 2021, I lost my Grandpa and she has been speaking to me saying I was a liar saying he’s not dead and the boys and me told her to stop but she got away with Trouble. She also not only on me but to my friends as well and I stand up for them. I got into 2 fights with her last year and i annoyed the S##T of her and said, ‘’You know those 2 boys u hated that left school, I tell them to come back so they can bully you so you can get some taste of medicine’’ and I told the boys my plan and it might work. But the best part of my school, when she’s very very bad, the teacher rings her mum and she’s so annoyed and upset that I start laughing.

‘’ What happens in the dark always comes to light’’
509 days ago
i bullying in school by older friends
517 days ago
i like getting bullied
530 days ago
I was her friend since P2 (I am p5) and she started bullying me these weeks. Luckily my other friend helped me but I’m still sooooo upset and annoyed.
540 days ago
7/12 Are the people also bothering your friends?
bro the ones bothering me ARE my friends :-
554 days ago
i got good resuls :)

mine was
571 days ago
BTW Lighter, if you happen to check this thing anymore I feel so so so bad. I thought my life sucked because my brothers are constantly making fun of me (I'm 11 BTW) They always target me, too, even though I never did anything to them and wow, jeezum crow.
617 days ago
I wanted to see if two of my friends are bullying me. They’re my „besties” but their constantly making fun of the way I look, dress, they call me names, put rubbish in my bag, make fun of my family and so on… plus, they take my food and stationary, sometimes money too.
719 days ago
Typo I’m so sorry is what I meant to say.

My bad
720 days ago
Just realized I made it sound like I was gonna off myself I’m not sorry about that but like I said before I wish you well in life
721 days ago
Oh alright but I’m sorry that happened to you no one deserves anything kind of of that 😻 idk how to help and idk how to respond and I prolly won’t after this one because my stress and anxiety is getting to me a little bit more lately but if you see this I want you to know that you are freaking fantastic you are human your gonna make mistakes but that what life is but no mistake is ever worth the punishment of what happened to you don’t let any MF tell you your a bad person when you know it ain’t true haters of any kind are gonna broadcast your small mistakes into more than it actually is and make the amazing and incredible things you’ve done seem like nothing but the only reason of that is because they want to do the incredible things you’ve done they’ve just never been able to do it that’s why they say what they say but any descent human will push the small things aside and see the greatness I’m sure you’ve done.your amazing awesome and a beautiful human being and don’t ever forget that.

I wish you well in life my friend good luck.
722 days ago
Well yea the dogo Down their is me.
723 days ago
@dogo huh didn’t think anyone would reply thanks it’ll get better hopefully in about 5-4 years when ever I can leave but I’m sorry about all the 💝 you go through no one should ever have to go through that like Oml I’m so sorry that happened to you this is why I hate human nature and just humans in general but thank you for reading and don’t let anyone tell you your a bad person because you aren’t yes you’ve made mistakes but who the hell hasn’t your not friggin Jesus and it doesn’t make you a bad person your freaking wonderful I haven’t seen your YouTube channel but that’s low-key why I hate my race I’m white and American I would never do that though,everybody matters gender,color,size,religion,sexuality anything it doesn’t matter we all are humans we are the same we are all people it pisses me off so much that there are so many egotistical 💝 in this world that think there better than everybody and can do whatever the hell they want also I’ve read some of the comments and there was a dogo down there so I just assumed you were the same sorry if you aren’t but whoever you are your £ucking awesome don’t let anyone tell you otherwise there all just 💝