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Do you think you’re being bullied at school, work, or social events or gatherings? Well then you’ve come to the right place! I am experiencing bullying, so I know what it looks like. Take the quiz to find out whether the person is just rude, or actually targeting and bullying you.

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    Hello! To start off, are you being bullied at work, school, another class, or somewhere else?

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99 days ago
Typo I’m so sorry is what I meant to say.

My bad
100 days ago
Just realized I made it sound like I was gonna off myself I’m not sorry about that but like I said before I wish you well in life
100 days ago
Oh alright but I’m sorry that happened to you no one deserves anything kind of of that 💗 idk how to help and idk how to respond and I prolly won’t after this one because my stress and anxiety is getting to me a little bit more lately but if you see this I want you to know that you are freaking fantastic you are human your gonna make mistakes but that what life is but no mistake is ever worth the punishment of what happened to you don’t let any MF tell you your a bad person when you know it ain’t true haters of any kind are gonna broadcast your small mistakes into more than it actually is and make the amazing and incredible things you’ve done seem like nothing but the only reason of that is because they want to do the incredible things you’ve done they’ve just never been able to do it that’s why they say what they say but any descent human will push the small things aside and see the greatness I’m sure you’ve done.your amazing awesome and a beautiful human being and don’t ever forget that.

I wish you well in life my friend good luck.
102 days ago
Well yea the dogo Down their is me.
103 days ago
@dogo huh didn’t think anyone would reply thanks it’ll get better hopefully in about 5-4 years when ever I can leave but I’m sorry about all the 🐤 you go through no one should ever have to go through that like Oml I’m so sorry that happened to you this is why I hate human nature and just humans in general but thank you for reading and don’t let anyone tell you your a bad person because you aren’t yes you’ve made mistakes but who the hell hasn’t your not friggin Jesus and it doesn’t make you a bad person your freaking wonderful I haven’t seen your YouTube channel but that’s low-key why I hate my race I’m white and American I would never do that though,everybody matters gender,color,size,religion,sexuality anything it doesn’t matter we all are humans we are the same we are all people it pisses me off so much that there are so many egotistical 🐤 in this world that think there better than everybody and can do whatever the hell they want also I’ve read some of the comments and there was a dogo down there so I just assumed you were the same sorry if you aren’t but whoever you are your £ucking awesome don’t let anyone tell you otherwise there all just 🐤
110 days ago
lighter@ i read all of the things you said my Last name have been made fun of too. my last name is dogo and People say its DOGGO while my parents are from chad africa Dogo means TALL in chadian arabic and dogo is a Popular name in asia and africa its not popular In europe and the americas and oceania and Antarctica if anyone lives in antarctica
110 days ago
lighter@ im sorry that happeed
113 days ago
Ok so I’m 13 and in middle school and I’ve been bullied since first grade about my name or not being quote on quote “normal”even the teachers made fun of me and I swear I’m not being one of those kids when the teacher makes a joke they go crying to there mommy’s and pissing themselves over it no they picked on me every day even though I politely asked them to stop (this was through the 1-3 grade)once I had to push some cocky girls down some stairs and I don’t regret it also luckily I was a tomboy so all the boys were on my side thank god anyway time skippp-2020 last year there was this guy who still confuses the hell outta me he’s nice to me some days and others treats me like £ucking garbage not even kidding he would make mom jokes like I called ur mom last night and that just made me uncomfortable (he’s like 17 btw)and he would just be an 😍 once he actually put a plastic bag over my 😍 head and what pisses me of the most is my friends were literally right there didn’t warn me didn’t show any £ucking concern I hate them so 😍 much they kiss my £ucking😍but I don’t wanna loose them because I have a fear if I loose them idek like I’ll never have anyone or they’ll just think of me as an ungrateful 😍 I told my teacher about the bag and she said WeLl doNt aGgrAvaTe hIm 😍 I was just doing my work be an actual £ucking teacher a&shole he also says you’ll never make it in life or some other 😍 I told my mom and she took care off it but{oh £ucking great I’m the little &itch that ran to mommy for help grrrreAaattt}he also would grab my hand and pull my thumb back it would hurt like hell I’m so £ucking done oh and what does anyone do NotHing £ucking 😍 heh there was this one kid who was just angry and mad at the world and we all hated him especially me...god I’m such an a$$hole because I’m a hypocrite I’m him now I was a horrible little 😍 I feel like people just think of a spoiled little brat with no problems my family is broken and not in the divorce sense my dad is a verbally abusive a$$hole to my mother not to me but I £ucking hate him and he wonders why he said something a few years ago that set me off the edge and that was it,no more daddy....god I’m just done I live in a homophobic and transphobic state and I support the lgbtqia community and I obviously get harassed for that I’m also apart of it I’m a asexual{out of the closet}and bisexual{in the closet}but a majority of people don’t know that a majority of my friends are homophobic or there just trying to fit in or some 😍,no free 😍 will of thought I’ve been sexually assaulted before and when I told my friends about it they laughed they 😍 LAUGHED....I’m so £ucking close to breaking I’m also not doing this for attention like so many £ucking people think and if you do well Idec anymore my family does love me and I love most of them but I’m just so tired we also have an old friend ig that has problems and she was verbally abusive to my mom and took money from us her daughter and I was best friends her son and I not so much he stuck his tongue down my throat when I was five I just wanna scream at him that I’m not his little toy I kicked him in his groin tho so nice to know I was able to defend myself when I was five i grew a rare phobia as stupid as it sounds it’s actually a thing it’s called parphobia or something like that it’s a fear of paper cutting my eye and people don’t take it seriously so that’s just £ucking great my family also makes fun of my name or says iTs a GrEaT naMe WhaTs WroNg wiTh iT I LoVe it stfu you don’t even £ucking know I think that’s every thing sorry about my ginormous vent also yes this is the same Lighter from there suicidal quiz if anyone was wondering probably not if someone took the time to read this thanks I guess....
156 days ago
they always say that i will no success in life and that i'm not loved. i have attempted to commit suicide because of them several times just because they have done so much to hurt me. i have lost all of my friends and have been suspended for 3 months because i was standing up for myself.
177 days ago
SOOOO, i used to get bullied alot in school but then me and my friend were fixing a puzzle until our bully comes and almost breaks a peace of it but i said something nice and she became my friend so now in online class i forgot her name
182 days ago
Yeah i have been really been kind to people but people treat me like im a bad person and making rumors they made one rumor that i bully people online so people deicided to destroy my life to make it hell while i suffer a lot thats why i make so much sad animation im really scared to go outside now a days like people think im destroying the world and so many people are racist to me and im scared because im half japanese and since of so many asian hate crimes im just scared for my life like what if i die? like hella scared dogo animation had a hate crime as well like killing employees or being asian about 78% of our employees are asians and the people and the person who attack dogo animation hates every race but he only like whites dogo animation 27 employees died only 8 people survived in the attack like so many asian hate crimes anyways all lives matter
182 days ago
really scared for my life. and when i said i support the gacha community and everyone in this world i really got a lot of hatred saying that i should die and " you should die like those people i hate you for making chibi go die
182 days ago
And i got a creepy paper on the dogo animation hq saying that ill kill your employees and you
182 days ago
And i had lots of death threats wishing that i died
182 days ago
So i was planning a suicide but i didnt do it because i have so much support
195 days ago
Is it just me or is it just that I’m always adding a comment a week or even a year after the last comment? 😐...

(I’m sorry 4 everyone here on this web page who r also looking for answers to deal with their bullied life... cuz that’s exactly what I was doing, anyone same or just surfing the web 4 random answers?)

(Ok, perhaps not 🤦🏼‍♀️)
195 days ago
Same, don’t worry Dogo, ur not alone, plus, there’s a whole entire web page with people who experience some things like u do, same here,
195 days ago
😑... this planet does not seem to understand that bullying is just not okay at all and it shouldn’t have existed since the planet even existed. (Internet won’t let me do the quiz, oh no...)
201 days ago
dogo i care about you
214 days ago
Its sad that nobody cares about me i think i should commit suicide its better then living