Is it bullying?

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This test will tell you if you are being bullied at school (designed for school kids only). It will tell you if a person is being rude, mean or a bully.

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    Are you teased at school?

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29 days ago
One girl said I sucked, said another girl was an ugly rat, and called me sped, all in a 17-person group text! she even goes into the bathroom with me when she knows I'm alone!
31 days ago
lol girl! ur dumb just be quiet geez!you are giving me a headache! what are you even talking about? ur extra!
193 days ago
"Oh my gawd that girl is soooo stupid!"
"(my name) smells like poop!" "I know right, so annoying!"
"I can't sit next to her, she's so abnormal!"
"What a psychopath!"

I don't think they mean it to bully me, I think they mean it because they really do mean it, if you know what I mean. But I'm sensitive sometimes.
506 days ago
I'm being bullied. Not a surprise, I mean... All that really happens is a couple painful notes passed to me everyone once in a while by the popular girls in class, saying, like, "Your hair reeks of unpopularity", or "You need some new clothes more than you need air". Then there's the bang-head-against-locker-because-we-thin k-it's-oh-so-funny. That happens more often then the note, done by the popular boys. And that's pretty much all.
573 days ago
i think this quiz really fit. i got the result i expected. good quiz!
667 days ago
I really don't think that making someone cry, trying to push them off something that's like eight feet in the air and teasing them because they can't do something even though they are 5 years younger than you is being mean
756 days ago
Well, maybe it is just being mean, but she gave me A LOT of panic attacks and made me scared to ever speak up about myself.
868 days ago
Mental breakdowns !!!!!!!
881 days ago
The "2.5" I mean 2 and 1/2 years not 25 bc the dot is hard to see
881 days ago
"47% people are being mean" I don't think 2.5 years of teasing, being framed, crying, is being mean. And on top of that the kid is in foster care and had adhd so the teachers always gave her excuses and made be be nice to her and yea (I'm not being mean, it's a good quiz just ranting bc people don't listen idk lol)
968 days ago
Yeeey like i didn't know i am being bullied! *cries in the corner of the room* Yeeey!
1049 days ago
Why did I take this lol.