Are you angry?
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Are you angry?

How often does someone just push your button?

Question 1:You're walking down the halls at school when some jock just comes by and knocks everything out of your hands...what do you do?
Chase after him screaming I'M GONNA RIP YER BLOODY HEAD OFF!!!
Actually do rip his bloody head off
sigh and pick up your books
Cry and go tell the teacher

Question 2:You've been planning a trip for weeks, but something comes up and your parents tell you you cannot go. What is your reaction?
Scream and cuss at them until they change their mind
Don't talk to them for a really long time
Accept it and be silent there's always next time

Question 3:Your little brother just messed up your room after it took you a couple hours cleaning it what do you do?
Kill him!!! Make him suffer...that imbecile!
Fall over and weep...oh so bitterly...
sigh and clean it up again, then get a lock for your door
Scream at him

Question 4:You have a game tonight, but your teacher decides to give you a 5 page essay due the next day. What do you do?
Throw a desk at her
Miss the game and do it
Go to the game anyways and just blow off the essay

Question 5:You're hungry and your sister has just eaten the only sorce of food in the house, what do you do?
Go outside and eat dirt
eat her
get angry but do nothing
Throw her against the wall until she vomits up the food...if you can't have it she shouldn't either

Question 6:You boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you for your best friend, what is your reaction.
Bash them with a metal baseball bat
cry, but eventually get over it
move on, who cares your a cutie you don't need them!
yell angry evil threats

Question 7:You're online and your computer screws up what do you do?
hurl it against the wall, yeah baby, bet it wont do that again!
punch it
scream at it although it does no good.
sigh and reboot it

Question 8:You're late for work when you get there the boss tells you it's the 5th time this week before you can explain he fires you, what do you do
storm off, you didn't like that stupid job anyways
throw a rock at them and laugh like a mad person
attack them

Question 9:Your neighbor shoots your only pet because it goes on their property what do you do?
shoot them
shoot their dog
buy another pet, but still feel real bad

Question 10:What are you gonna do if you don't get the results you want on this quiz?
who cares.
hurl the computer out the window
kill you while you sleep heh heh heh

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