Are you... ANGRY?
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Are you... ANGRY?

The test to see if everyone else is a pain in your ass.

Question 1:What do you do when your teacher calls on you in the middle of biology?
I really don't know. I just... *sigh*
Talk your nerdy ass off
"I don't know the answer, idiot. You think I do homework? Dumbass."

Question 2:When some dumb fags who skate to school start making fun of your last name, you...
...Cry. For an hour.
...Grab those stupid, senseless skateboards and beat them until they scream, "MOMMY!!!!!"
...Say, "Don't fuck around."

Question 3:When a neighbor throws a rock at your dog you...
...grab your pet and go inside
...make a really nasty face
...Get out the BB gun

Question 4:When someone in the locker room is looking too damn fat and obese like an elephant, what do you do?
Smirk and go get changed.
Sympathize with the poor bastard.
Fall on the ground laughing hysterically and yell, "Hey everyone! So and so is fat as an pig. No, an elephant! Maybe he better watch out for poachers!"

Question 5:The same obese monster is buying three bags of chips and two Coca-Colas at the local deli, what do you do?
Cry him a river.
Laugh at him and say, "Looks like tubby is eating too much. Go and put on 100 more pounds, fatass."
Smirk, and talk behind his back.

Question 6:When a cub scout comes up to you and asks to help you cross the street for a merit badge what do you do?
Say, "No, idiot."
Say, "Sure!" and sing, "we're crossin' the street together, together, together, ohhhhhhhhh.... crossin' the street together!" and pray not to get shot in the head.
Say, "Do I look like an old person you stupid little prick?" and throw him into the street.

Question 7:When a person messes with you and says he fucked your mom what do you do?
Beat him to a bloody pulp... or.... k-k-k-kill... him....?
Flip the bird and say, "I fucked your little sister!"
Say, "stop it you mean bully!"

Question 8:What do you think of this test so far?
It's offensive!
Hmm. I guess it's alright.
Who made this shit?

Question 9:What do you play on the internet?
Shoot Justin Timberlake in a less-gory detailed game.
Shoot Justin Timberlake in extremely gory and sick detailed game.
Play a game where you can.. "skaaaaaaaaaaaatebooooooooooooooard! DUDE!"

Question 10:What's your opinion on skaters?
FUCK 'EM! Skater hater day! Skater hater day! My holiday.
Do you think I give a shit one way or the other?
I like 'em!

Question 11:What do you think of little kids?
They are soooooooo cutsie-wootsie-bootsie-shnootsie!
They smell like shit and are stupid.
They're okay. Some smell funny, though.

Question 12:Are you a homophobe?
I dunno. Gays don't go good with me, though.
Hell yeah! And I'm shallow!

Question 13:If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?
Dante(The dude from Devil May Cry)
Harry!(Happy Harry)
Joe(Short, simple, Joe.)

Question 14:What will you do when this quiz is over?
Badly hurt someone.
Take a shit.
Smile and go to church.

Question 15:Is there a guy with a .22 rifle on your neighbors roof?
Let me check. Don't believe so.
No, wait, OH MY GO-BOOM!
I'M on YOUR neighbors roof with a .22 rifle.

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