Do I Get Angry Way Too Easily?

Everyone gets angry. It's normal, and under the right circumstances, it's fine to express it. But if you get angry over every little thing or overreact with the wrong people, maybe it's time to figure out if you get angry TOO easily. Take this quiz to find out if you do.

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    You're at the mall when someone bumps into you and doesn't say anything, let alone apologize. You:
    You're at the mall when someone bumps into you and doesn't say anything, let alone apologize. You:

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123 days ago
187 days ago
So do you get angry easily? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the situation. Sometimes it's OK and understandable to get angry, and sometimes you need to keep a lid on it and just pick your battles. Ideally, you can learn which times are OK and which you should just step back from. Life is short. And getting angry with the wrong person can often cost you in real terms. Maybe get some counseling.
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Um ok
221 days ago
im fine with getting angery, like whatever. but... I had one day when i yelled at my brother and he looked really scared, he looked like he thought i would hurt him (which i never have). And honselty it scared me :( i dont want anyone around me to think i will hurt them, no matter hiow angery i get.
277 days ago
ya i got my results and a little advice DONT MESS WITH ME hehe
316 days ago
Well, not everyone gets angry. 10% of the pollution suffers from alexithymia. A condition in which people are not able to express emotion at all.
346 days ago
I'm so angry right now that I wanna hit something I would smacked everyone across the head my whole family is driving me crazy I can't take it anymore! I wish that my new best friend was here so I tell her about my problem that i.m having
351 days ago
I love this
and hi
374 days ago
I got 50% and it's accurate especially for a teen in high school with a lot of people!
386 days ago
also JJ if that happened to me I would smack them in the face with a towel and cover their face in meh fingers covered in icing and sweat. then I would dump a bucket of boiling water on their heads so they could feel my pain. :>
386 days ago
Pfft. I got a 50/ 50. because I don't really mind if people hate me because I'm an easy person to hate because I'M LOUD AND PROUD. also, if someone breaks a rule in a video game I flip out and yell at them. once in a game a girl dressed up like a fairy princess and turned everyone into a frog and it annoyed me SO MUCH and I yelled at her. then a bunch of other girls started yelling at ME, so I yelled at THEM then joined my BFF's private server B)
398 days ago
I am not happy even a single day People make me angry a lot I hate it
402 days ago
402 days ago
question: what would you do if you made your sister😤. My answer: smash it into there faces! i always get mad. not a day passed by and im happy~_~
459 days ago
Guys i really don't know who this happend I 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💩😗😗😗😗😗😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💩
459 days ago
i'm not crazzy at all am i sos guys i just kinnda am wierd and hate brother his name peter jonh hopkinson if you know him make him so mad he dose not like beening kick pls make his life the i don't know why this apeard oh wel kiss my after corran end hehhehe
459 days ago
Mhh it said my score was not clear i did the quiz because my brother told me i get to mad easily so i'm gonna make him mad then have him take the quiz as well hehhehehehhehehwhhwhwhwhwhhwhwhhwhwhhwhhehehhehheheh
577 days ago
Best quizzes ever

577 days ago
Best website for quizzes
742 days ago
"Your score wasn't clear" THANK YOU it kept glitching Off and when it finally works it says that 😑
875 days ago
Haha lol no I am NOT going to see a counsellor... If I saw a counsellor they would put me straight in a mental asylum and I would NEVER be released because the world is stupid and everyone deserves to die yes im a depressed homicidal psychopath and I'm proud of it