Are you still a kid?
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Are you still a kid?

This test will allow you to find out if you still have a little bit of child in you.

Question 1:   Which of the following do you watch the most?
Cartoons (I love The FairlyOddparents!)
Talk Shows ( I love Oprah!)
Cooking Shows (who can resist Emirel?)

Question 2:   What kind of food do you eat most often?
Veggies and Fruits really rock!
Whatever I feel like eating
I don't eat

Question 3:   Do you still gaze and toys at Wal*Mart?
Of course not! I like looking at the books.
Sometimes, they are very interesting.
I usually get what I need and leave.
All the time. I really like those Hot Wheels!

Question 4:   Do you blame everything on your invisible friends?
I don't have an imaginary friend!
Why are you asking this?
All the time. Especially when Joe broke the window with a baseball!

Question 5:   Have you memorized a Britney Spears song?
Of course!
I would rather listen to Bach.
She is way my style.

Question 6:   Do you own any Barbies?
I collect Time magazine, if that counts.
I have a few of the collector dolls.
I can't resist the Myscene dolls! They have the coolest clothes!

Question 7:   What snack do you like the most?
I don't snack, I'm watching my weight.
I prefer carrot sticks and ranch dressing.
I like to eat Fruit Roll Ups and those Little Debbie Cakes.

Question 8:   What kind of toothpaste do you use?
What does this have to do with anything!
I like the kind with arm and hammer in it.
I really like that blue crest stuff with the sparkles!

Question 9:   Does your mother do your clothes and fix your dinner for you? Or do you do it yourself?
I don't live with my mom.
I always fix those little tv dinners for myself.
My mommy always does stuff for me.

Question 10:   Why are you taking this quiz?
I want to know if I am a kid or not.
Because I want to!
I really don't know.

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