Are You A Home Kid
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Are You A Home Kid

Do you belong in the Medina Children's Home? Take this test to find out

Question 1:   Have you ever been charged with a felony?
Happens all the time

Question 2:   What are "the courts"?
A famous 80s band
A part of the judicial branch of government
Basketball and Tennis courts

Question 3:   Which of the following do you go shopping at?
JC Penny
Da Commo

Question 4:   Are you a juvenile delinquent?
NO! I would never do anything to receive such a title!

Question 5:   How many times have you failed the 8th grade?
Not in 8th grade yet
Countless times
Never failed it

Question 6:   Choose one of the following:
What does this have to do with anything?
Mother Child Care
Belva Gibson Cottage

Question 7:   How do your parents punish you?
My parents don't punish me
Swats/room restriction/all chores

Question 8:   What is the name of your evil math teacher?
My math teacher is not evil
Mr. Evil
Mr. Graves

Question 9:   How would you describe the lunch at your school?
It's great!
Eh, it's okay I guess.

Question 10:   How many J's are there in Fenton cottage?
What are you talking about!

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