How awesome are you?
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How awesome are you?

*Note* This quiz is a bit strange, so don't try to be logical when answering questions.

Question 1:   If you could create your own kind of gun, what would it be like?
As long as it's big and shiny, I'm happy!
Well, it would be like a huge cannon that fires highly venomous scorpions instead of cannonballs.
It would be like an assault rifle.
It would be similar to a machine gun, but only me and my rats could use it.
I wouldn't make one, I'm happy with my shotgun.

Question 2:   You're charging into the final battle of the most important war in 500 years. What is your battle cry as you lead your troops into this battle?
"Feel my wrath, puny mortals!"
"I shall avenge my forefathers!"
"Demolish the French!"

Question 3:   What is your favorite kind of music?
Heavy metal/Hard Rock

Question 4:   When you're at a party/club/school dance, how do you dance?
Like a slut.
Very strangely and it involves pelvic thrusts...lots of them.
Crazy with lots of headbanging.
I usually spin the entire time.
Like a slut, but I thrust a lot, too.

Question 5:   When your friends ask you what you did the day before, what do you usually respond with?
"I went to work, and after I got done, I did my laundry."
"I got drunk."
"I defeated the dark lord in a spelling bee."
"I blew up 5 'Star Destroyers', and then I dug a hole after I killed the shadow monster."
"Nothing much, I just hung out with a couple friends."

Question 6:   Select a phrase.
"I like cats."
"Hey! Fuzzy!"
"No, you're a phrase!"
"You suck and I hate you."
"This is a stupid question."

Question 7:   If you had a second form that you could change into at will, what would it be like?
It would look like me but with more muscles.
It would look like a lizard-man.
My second form would have tentacles and multiple arms.
If I had a second form, I would want to look like a super saiyan.
My 2nd form would have glowing eyes, wings, and some other weird crap.

Question 8:   Choose a super power. Yeah, you've heard that question a lot of times before, but you have to do it.
Psychic powers.
The ability to mute people.
Ice breath.
The ability to talk to animals.
The ability to shoot chairs out of my face.

Question 9:   Videogames are...
The best!
Very gay. Why would anyone play them? They're stupid and pointless.
Allright, I guess. I don't play them much.
My life.
Awesome. Nintendo rocks!

Question 10:   Uh oh! This is the boss question! You're almost there! Don't die! Ok, here goes. What would you do if your butt fell off?
Well, then I could make photo copies of it easier!
I would freak out and attack the nearest human.
I would spin around and blow up.
I guess I would go to the hospital and get it fixed.
I would scream out "Sha neigh neigh!"

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