Do you feel good about yourself?

It's self explanatory.

Question 1:If you found your man/girl cheating on you, what do you do?
WHAT??? It's over!!!
Oh well...You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. He/she never cared about me.
WHAT THAT F***?!!! After I did all that for him/her!!!

Question 2:If you see your ex with some other girl/guy, what do you do?
Whatever! I got my man/girl.
Go home and cry. She/he looks better than I ever will.
Think "Puh-leez!!! I'm WAAAY better looking!!!" and go meet some other new guy/girl.

Question 3:Your crush is flirting with your enemy. What are you thinking?
I'm gonna go over there and break it up. He/she doesn't need to be talking to HER/HIM!!!
I guess he/she never was interested in me. *sigh*
You don't think anything. Just glance up and who cares? You can have someone better.

Question 4:You and your girls/boys are hanging at the mall. Then, your enemy comes with her/his crew. She/he looks at you up and down like she/he's better than you. What will probably happen?
You'll probably walk away and ignore her/him. You don't talk to trash.
Nothing. You'll probably just look down until she/he leaves.

Question 5:It's about to be prom. This fine guy/girl has had their eye on you. It looks like he/she's about to ask you, when suddenly, another person asks him/her. He/she's not the type to say no so he/she accepts. What do you think?
Oh well, there's always next time. Plus, there's this guy/girl that.......
Man, forget them!!! I'll go with someone WAAY better looking.
Well, I guess I should stop dreaming.

Question 6:You have had a long great relationship with your man/girl. And it's your birthday but they completely forget. What do you think?
No sweat! I'll just forget his/hers too!
What? There must be a mistake! He/she's probably planning a surprise party!
He/she probably forgot about me.

Question 7:If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
Well, let's see: fame, money................
Something that makes me happy.

Question 8:If your best friend hooked you up on a blind date, what would you do?
Go! Why not? I'm always up for some fun!
Politely say no.
Not go. What's the point? I wouldn't even know who the person is!!!

Question 9:Which do you prefer?
Water. You don't need all the calories. You promised you'd lose weight.
Diet coke, thank you. Gotta keep my shape you know!
Mountain Dew, Pepsi, anything with flavor!!!

Question 10:A friend of yours makes a remark on your weight. What do you do?
Say "Oh...well, I've been trying to lose weight."
Make a remark on their weight too. I'm not gonna let that one slip!!!
Who cares? You love your fabulous figure!!!

Question 11:Which describes you?
Free spirit.
High class yet, edgy.
Shy and lonely.

Question 12:What kind of songs do you like?
Rock songs!!! I love the heavy music!!!!
Romantic songs. I can just daydream about it being me.
I like the ones where you get your lover back by doing something. You know, one of those songs.

Question 13:Which movie would you like?
A chick flick like The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Hey, I look WAAY better than her but hey.
It's between the comedy ones and action ones. Maybe Daddy Day Care or Charle's Angels.
Any romantic one, really.

Question 14:Ok, you and your man/girl are at the movies. This attractive female/male sits next to your man/girl. It looks like they're both flirting. What do you do?
Stare at them both until they stop.
Try hard to ignore it and maybe move a little further away from them.
Stand up and confront them, making your man/girl extremely embarrassed. Then, go sit somewhere far from them.

Question 15:You and your man/girl are at a party. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Then, someone taps you. Well, look here! It's your ex! He/she tells you how much it was a mistake to have left you and wants you back. What do you do?
Kinda give him/her a weird look and leave.
Forget that he/she's talking to you. Is this really happening?
Think. Maybe I can make him/her be my slave or something. Hey, it can be fun!

Question 16:You are already in a relationship but your sweetie went to business trip and it'll be long till he/she gets back. You're awfully lonely. Your attractive neighbor decides to keep you company. What might happen?
I'd kindly refuse.
With his/her good looks, we might sleep together!!!
Sure, I guess. But he/she can leave before dark. Don't wanna get in trouble.

Question 17:You've been having a terrible day. What do you do to relax?
Take a long hot shower, then maybe cuddle up and read a nice book.
Go to the mall and see some hotties. Hey, that'll cheer me up!!!
Lay back, put your favorite cd, and forget about your terrible day.

Question 18:You and your sweetie just got in a huge argument. It's making things awful. What should you do?
Dump him/her. I don't need this s***!!!
Try hanging in there. I'm sure we can work it out.
Think badly of yourself. What did I do?

Question 19:What's your motto?
The richer, the better.
Why do bad things always happen to me?
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!!!

Question 20:How do you really feel about yourself?
Seriously, I'm unhappy.
Great, of course!!!
I'm cool.

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