Have you ever wondered if you we're a boring person?

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Ever looked around while telling a story and caught one of your friends yawning? Take this quiz now to find out just how boring you really are..

  • 1
    When was the last time you read a book?
  • 2
    If you are going out on a date you would most likely wear..
  • 3
    You have the house alone tonight and you want to rent a move. Which would you most likely rent?(these aren't real movie names)

  • 4
    On the weekend which do you prefer doing?
  • 5
    What was your favorite subjects in school?
  • 6
    Have you ever found yourself just sitting in one spot doing absolutely nothing?

  • 7
    At a party or kickback. Which one are you...?
  • 8
    In your group of friends are you usually the..
  • 9
    Which types of movies are your favorite?
  • 10
    How would you describe this quiz?

Comments (25)


780 days ago
Just what I suspected.
888 days ago
Logically, as I am always bored by everyone and everything, I am not boring : everyone else isn't boring. Boring people bore bored people, but bored people are not the boring ones.
907 days ago
Actually the personality trait that you are referring as 'boring' has a proper term also which is known as 'introvert'. I guess my fellow introverts are also asking themselves this question "are we boring?"...no we are not. This extroverted society has no idea, how wonderful our world is. I have been often called 'boring' by many people but to my introverted friends, I am always alright. So Please change this stereotypical concept.
990 days ago
Wow, really tho. Clap clap clap clapitty clap clap clap. Good speech (Not being sarcastic i swear.) Good for you. And good for you being trans and making people bi and gay. LGBTQ+ needs more people like you. ;)
1018 days ago
I am not B O R I N G yeeeeeeessssss!!! 😉😉😉😀😀😀
1018 days ago
I am not B O R I N G yeeeeeeessssss!!!
1026 days ago
I forgot this site doesn’t allow cursing... the heart stands for a$$hole
1026 days ago
It says I’m 100% boring. Well, actually, I’m an introvert with just two friends (who I’m both crushing on), a major book nerd and I’m the exact opposite of popular. I’m the class nerd, I don’t dress fashionable, I’m not into make up, as other girls are, I’m trans and into guys, also polyamorous (or how ever you call it if you have a crush on two or more people at the same time). Every girl in my class is jealous of me, because every guy in my class likes me, therefore the girls bully me. I have mental scars because of that. This whole thing has only taught me that girls are 🕊, making me even more trans, giving the girls even more reason to bully me. And a lot of guys in my class have come out as gay or bi a few days after I came out as trans.
But for Tartarus’ sake! I’m the most boring person on the face of this planet, with the most boring life.

The more extra ordinary a person may seem, the more boring they often are...
1121 days ago
it said to get out of my comfort zone, Ummm I've tried. It doesn't work. It's who I am am I guess..
1134 days ago
(I do…)
1134 days ago
Who here likes MINECRAFT???
1134 days ago
Sorry about the massive thing-just testing.
1134 days ago
It says I'm a little bit ((massive))boring…((emassive))
1163 days ago
This guy just roasted me

I’m young and they said I had the mind of a ninety y/o

Oof :(
1163 days ago
Ok so the account under my name (p_i_e) is me

Ok no one cares though
1163 days ago
If I got B O R I N G as the biggest portion of the test, don’t worry.

((small)So did I...
1163 days ago
Okay, so I got 50% B O R I N G, 40% a little boring, and 10% not boring at all

So I guess I’m boring (oof)

(no wonder why one of my best friends got a new best friend... )

Oof :(
1250 days ago
oo color change
1268 days ago
50% a little boring
40% B O R I N G
10% you aren't that boring
1332 days ago
40% a little boring
20% B O R I N G
10% you actually aren't that boring