Are you fun or boring?
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Are you fun or boring?

This test is to find out if you are a fun or boring person (for entertainment purposes only).

Question 1:Your at a party with some people you really don't know how do you act?
Mingle and get to know the people make some new friends
Turn up the Music and start dancing
Drink, Dance, make new friends what do you have to loose

Question 2:You met this great person at the party above where do you want to go on your date?
To dinner and a movie (you can't go wrong there)
To dinner and dancing
Go all over town hit bars, clubs and don't forget to grab some grub

Question 3:Your friends ask you to go out during the week but you have to go to work/school in the morning
Go out for a bit but don't drink to much or stay out that late
Sleep on the way out and way back get drunk in between
Stay out all night and call in sick the next day

Question 4:Its an after work happy hour everyone including your boss will be there
Have a drink or 2 mingle and leave
First to arrive last to leave (drunk)
Drink, Drink, Drank, Drunk..........pass out

Question 5:You go ice skating with your friends do you
Race and play tag
Cause a riot
It is knock down the kids time

Question 6:At the movies they are playing your favorite song
Sing it quietly in your seat
Pretend the straw of the soda is a microphone lean over and sing it to your friends
Stand up and sing to the top of your lungs

Question 7:You go over your friends house for awhile you
Play computer games and drink
Talk about old times and laugh
Get drunk and be merry

Question 8:They are giving free beer to the first 100 people in line at this new hot club you
Show up with your friends just like normal or not go at all too many people
Go but you have money so you don't really need the free beer but you'll laugh and make fun of the people in line
Stay the night in a tent outside the club with your own personal cooler of beer

Question 9:Your driving and your drunk
I never drink and drive (call a cab)
Let one of your less drunk buddies drive
immmm fffffine i kin dive

Question 10:Your shopping with your friends and you see some really hot girls/guys
Walk away from the hotties
Smile and walk by giving small hints of interest
Run right over and say so and so thinks your cute

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