Are you a scaredy-cat?
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Are you a scaredy-cat?

Do you think you are brave, yet others tell you otherwise? Take this test to see what you really are!

Question 1:Are you scared of big rollercosters?
Question 2:Would you ever go skydiving?
Question 3:If you were playing truth or dare, would you choose dare?
Question 4:If someone dared you to shake a stranger's hand, would you do it?
Question 5:Do butterflies scare you?
Question 6:Do you ever go above the speed limit?
Question 7:Does the dark make you nervous?
Question 8:Would you ever run for class president?
Question 9:Do you like scary movies?
Question 10:Would you like to have the lead in a school play?
Question 11:Do you like getting up in front of people?
Question 12:Would you die for someone or something you hold dear?
Question 13:Would you die for your country?
Question 14:Would you risk your life to save a stanger's life?
Question 15:Does flying in an airplane scare you?
Question 16:Would you stand up to authority if you knew what they were doing was wrong?
Question 17:Do you ever talk back to your teacher?
Question 18:Have you ever talked back to your parents?
Question 19:Do you wear your own style, even if it is "out-of style"?
Question 20:Do you do something you are supposed to... even if you don't want to?

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