How brave are you?

This test is to see overall how brave you are. This of course is only for fun, and only you can say how much courage you really possess. Still, if you answer as honestly as possible, it should be quite fun.

Question 1:If you saw a girl/boy that you really liked, and the more you thought about them, the more you found yourself liking them, what would you do to get their attention?
Get a mutual friend to tell the person you like them
Say nothing to them, and just dream away
Write a letter expressing your feelings for the person to find
Tell them exactly how you feel
Find a reason to talk and hang out with the person without entirely letting on how you feel

Question 2:You just moved into a new town, and don't know anybody. At school, someone mentions a big party that some popular kids are throwing for everyone that night. What would you do?
Go to the party, cut loose, and try to come home with someone else
Sit at home and find something else to do
Show up, but pretty much stay to yourself unless someone else initiates the conversation
Find someone else who isn't going and try to hang out with them
Hang out at the party, and mingle among some of the more friendly looking people

Question 3:You are at the store late one night just to get some chips and a soda, when all of a sudden, someone in a mask comes in with a gun, doesn't see you, and starts asking the clerk for all the money. What do you do?
Tell the robber that you'll keep a lookout for a sliver of the cash
Find something to hit the robber over the head with
Try to find your way out of the store and to safety
Huddle in the corner and wait for the robber to leave
Try to reach the phones without being seen so you can call the police

Question 4:You are in a relationship with someone who is kind of secretive about their profession. One night, as you are walking, you notice someone pull a gun out and point it right at your lover. You...
Push your love out of the way and duck down with them
Cry, "Look out!" as you dive out of the way
Jump in front of the bullet to save the life of your love
duck so that the gunman won't miss and hit you
Try to raise a scene by running at the gunman screaming, hoping to scare him away

Question 5:You are hiking, and you accidentally drop your canteen down a crack in the rock. Looking down, it seems rather dark, and you are sure there are things moving around. What do you do?
Try to find a large stick to drop down there and grab it by the strap
What's a little bug? I'd jump in the hole and get my water.
I don't want to get bit. I'd just keep going.
Tell your friend to get it, and when they don't call them a wuss
I'd carefully lower myself in the hole, but if I see anything about to crawl on me, up I go.

Question 6:You are awakened late one night by the sound of a window in your house breaking, followed by the sounds of some moving around inside. What do you do?
Try to get to a phone and call the police where you can hide out of sight
Tell the intruder from the other room that you have a gun and a mean dog
Go for the nearest weapon and go try and scare the intruder
Cuddle under you blanket and pretend to be asleep
Tackle whoever might be going through your things

Question 7:You are walking your dog in the park, when suddenly, a ferocious pitbull starts chasing after you, barking loudly, with an unfriendly look in it's eyes. What do you do?
Kick the pitbull in the face
Yell loudly at the pitbull while stepping in front of your own dog
Yell loud at the pitbull as you charge it, trying to scare it off
Drop the leash and run!
Run, making sure that your dog can keep up.

Question 8:Your friends all tell you that they want to climb up on top of the library after closing, and while you don't think there is security, you aren't really sure since the lights don't go all the way out. What do you do?
I'd be cautious and look in the windows before climbing up
What's the law going to do? I love to climb buildings.
I'd just stand on the ground and keep watch for them
No way I would risk going to jail! Count me out!
I'd wait until my friends climb up without getting caught before following

Question 9:You are being chased by a club wielding ogre who looks quite hungry, and as you run, you find yourself coming to a large cliff. Crossing it, is a bridge that might hold you up, but looks like it might collapse on a cat. It definitely wouldn't hold up the ogre however. What do you do?
I would light a lighter and try to threaten the ogre with my magic
I'd try and hide from the ogre before it got to the bridge
Well, I suppose that the bridge is the only choice
Well, I always wanted to fly. I'll leap over the tall cliff
I'd confront the ogre, and hope for the best

Question 10:My friends all want you to take a lie detector test with them, but you, like everyone else, have secrets of your own. How do you handle the situation?
"I have better things to do."
Take the test, but I'd try and lie if I had to reveal something private
Say, "All right, but I might not answer everything."
Take the test and tell the truth.
Tell them, "My mom said that I'm allergic to machines, sorry."

This Quiz has been designed by Wesley Viers.