How cool are you?

Are you the ultimate in cool?! Or are you just another loser? Find out in this quiz, but it is only for females, sorry!

Question 1:At lunchtimes, you:
Catch up on some homework while half talking to your friends
Head to the library to browse the shelves
Gossip with your friends about fashion and boys

Question 2:On the weekends, you:
Don't leave the house
Head to the mall, go to a hip party and go out on at least one date
Talk to your friends on the Internet, go to the deli, and watch TV

Question 3:Your friends are:
Sexy, cute and popular to boot!
Friends?! You don't have any friends
A mix of guys and girls, some are cool and some are just...weird

Question 4:You read:
Teen magazines and notes
Friends magazines and some books for English
Books- Thick books, once you even read the dictionary!

Question 5:Your clothes are:
I don't know, my mother picks them out for me
Mostly groovy with a few old things that you would never wear outside of the house
Hip, expensive, cool, and the best brands

Question 6:In gym class, you:
Get the exercises over and done with
Hang around lazily, you couldn't get a note out of your parents
Are constantly embarrassed, you are a klutz and everyone laughs at you, even the teacher!

Question 7:What do you spend your pocket money on?
Whatever you need at the time
Clothes & CD's
Computer games

Question 8:What is the best feeling in the world?
Being with your friends
Getting a new high score on the Playstation
Snagging that boy!

Question 9:Do you have any enemies?
Well, you like everyone, but no-one likes you
Some people that you used to be friends with
Anyone who's a loser!

Question 10:Describe your best friend:
Pretty, boy-crazy, fashionable and sweet
Smart, nice and funny
Square, carefully looked after, intelligent (your computer!)

This Quiz has been designed by Disco_Baby.