Are You As Cool As You Think You Are?

So many of us have gone through life with positive memories of how cool we were in high school. Most of us really weren't cool. You could be one of these un-cool nerds with an inflated self-view. Not for long! Here we are to put you in your place. Enjoy.

Question 1:You had a great social status, you were the most popular guy/gal in your group. On Saturday nights your lemmings followed you to:
the library. You had special permission from the librarian to stay there after hours and work on your Nobel Prize aspirations.
a random abandoned place: each of them had scandalous intentions.
a concert, art show, or supervised party.

Question 2:How did you get there?
Walking, naturally. There was never a designated driver around.
Your mom's minivan, complete with chauffer.
Your car.

Question 3:If there is a fitting phrase for your high school life, it would probably be:
Dude, are you as drunk as I am?
The Earth is the insane asylum of the universe.

Question 4:After school you:
did your homework and went to your best friend's house to hang out.
Pushed an empty mug at your classmates, "begging" for money for the "bus."
were involved with so many extracurricular activities (excluding sports) that the extra homework you requested from your teachers went untouched until at least bedtime.

Question 5:... When was bedtime?
7:30 PM at the very latest.
Whenever you passed out on a random couch.
Between the time you got home for the night and the time you woke up for school in the morning.

Question 6:Your favorite cartoon was/is:
"The Simpsons"
"Southpark" or "Ren and Stimpy"
"The Smurfs" (Gotta love that Grady Smurf)

Question 7:Your girlfriend/boyfriend was:
perfect for you.
blurry, but you just knew that she/he was the best-looking girl in town... maybe.

Question 8:Your favorite subject was:
the one you got the best grades in.
a tie between AP Calculus and AP Physics

Question 9:The class you slept in was:
physical education.
all of them.

Question 10:Did you have experience with bullies?
Yeah, I was one.
No, but I saved the world from them when I had the chance.
..My therapist told me not to answer that. I'm not ready.

Question 11:Ever experimented with drugs/alcohol/cigarettes?
Just children's acetaminophen, and only after a long clawing match with my mommy, bless her.
Maybe once or twice. Maybe.
Heh... what if I said I don't know what you're talking about?

Question 12:Did you promote any organizations for the betterment of anything?
Why would I do that?
Save the Children, homeless shelters, that kind of thing.

Question 13:This quiz has been long, are you hanging in there?
I have homework to do, you know....
I'm still here.
I have a short attention span.

Question 14:Rate yourself, were you cool?

Question 15:Last question: Who's your favorite entertainer?
I have no time for entertainment.
Whoever, I'm not picky.
Someone edgy, 80s, and rugged

This Quiz has been designed by Kris.