Are you cool?
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Are you cool?

Are you really cool or do you just think you are cool?

Question 1:You are sitting at lunch and your friend squirts ketchup all over your new shirt and says sorry but you don't think they mean it. What do you do?
Grad that ketchup packet, stuff it in their mouth, kick them in the knee, and push them down! That'll teach them.
Say that's ok, no hard feelings. But later when they aren't looking, squirt some ketchup on their seat before they sit down causing it to get all over their butt.
Cry and say "You did that on purpose!" and run to the bathroom!

Question 2:You are walking in the hall and the girl in front of you (who happens to be a cheerleader) accuses you of grabbing her butt and she slaps you! You:
You say "I'll give you a reason to slap me !" while sticking your hand all the way up that mini skirt
Say ok, then during the assembly for the football team, sit front and middle so you can get a good shot at her. While the cheerleaders are throwing her up in the air, throw a stick at the girls throwing her up, causing them to lose their balance and they fall, thus resulting in the cheerleader coming to a crashing end in front of the whole school!
Cry and run to the bathroom and hide in the stalls hoping nobody saw it.

Question 3:You are sitting in class and somebody shoots a spit at Mr. Bobbit the teacher. He accuses you and sends you to the office to be suspended. What do you do?
scream "Why does everybody hate me!!!???" while running out of the room.
say ok, figuring you could use the three days to catch up on some sleep.
Throw a desk, scream profane language, poke him in the eye, and push that fag down and wait for that kid who did it after class and beat him down.

Question 4:What is your favorite color?

Question 5:What kind of music do you listen to?
Punk rock

Question 6:Are you a......

Question 7:You are walking down the street, a car drives by and somebody flips you off! What do you do?
Yell while bending over "Yeah you'd like to wouldn't ya!!"
Run behind a trash can and scream "What did I ever do to deserve this?"
Chase the car to the next stoplight, pull that s.o.b. out the car, and shove his middle finger right up his ass!

Question 8:You are playing spin the bottle and its your turn. And of all the people it lands on Butt Ugly Becky who has a nose of Alaska and ears that look like cottage cheese? You:
Throw up on yourself and scream "You guys did that on purpose!"
give her a night to remember, after all this is the only action she'll ever get.
cringe at the thought, but give her a little peck anyways.

Question 9:You are walking and you see a girl that you like. You fall down like the dumbutt you are. You:
roll around crying
laugh at yourself, who cares!
scream, hit every person that laughs at you, then take them all out with a blow to the shin!

Question 10:The girl that slapped you earlier, turns around in Math class and asks you out. You are about to say yes when she says WHATEVER YOUR'RE STUPID! You;
slap that bitch to next Thursday
cry like a baby
say oh well, too bad I’m not a fat ugly bitch

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