Are you cool?
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Are you cool?

Are you in middle school? Does everyone refer to you as a loser? Do you think you'd be cool if they REALLY knew you? Take this test to find out.

Question 1:   You are finally accepted by the cool kids of your school. You are eating lunch with them, and a REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying, geeky, snot-faced kid in your grade comes up and asks you for money. You thought this kid was a loser before you were cool, so you:
give her the rest of your lunch money. The cool kids kick you out and you are branded a loser for life.
say,"No loser! Go beg your imaginary friends." You get in trouble with the teachers later.
say, "Like, whatever!" and ignore her. She doesn't wear designer clothes.

Question 2:   Who is your favorite artist (out of the following)?
Britney Spears, you know? She was like, totally awesome in "Baby One More Time"
I only listen to Christian music.
Two words: Beyonce Knowles

Question 3:   Do you swear?
No, and I don't intend to.
Like, I only, like, say, "Oh my gosh!" and "OMG!" What a weirdo.
Of course I do! Wanna hear what I have to call you?

Question 4:   Is virginity something to be proud of?
Ew! You sicko! You're TOTALLY a loser!
I suppose.

Question 5:   How many guys do you like?
1... and he is SOOO sweet! Like, OMG!
Well, I never thought about that before.
5 and up

Question 6:   Do you wish you were cool?
Like, I totally am. WHATEVER! *ignore*
No, popularity isn't really my kind of thing. I suppose I love being myself.
I know I'm cool on the inside, but the cool kids don't know it (they don't know what they're missing)...

Question 7:   What is your favorite color?
White, I guess.
OMG, pink! Pink is like, SOOO adorable!
Red and black.

Question 8:   Do your parents trust you?
Yes, I am very organized, and trustworthy.
Probably not.
I am their little princess! Of course they do!

Question 9:   What are your friend's remarks when they hear about your dreams?
"Like, that is SOOO totally awesome!"
"Wow. It's a shame we can't go to heaven with you."
"Ew! You pervert!"

Question 10:   Pick a word.

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