How Cool Are You?
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How Cool Are You?

Question 1:It’s Friday night and you don’t have any plans yet. What do you do?
Call up your best friend and see what s/he’s up to
Get in your car and go cruising
Go to sleep.
Rent a movie and watch it by yourself.
Go to a coffeehouse and sit there by yourself, hoping someone will talk to you.

Question 2:You’re at a party where you don’t know anyone very well, so you
try and look really cool so people will notice you.
make yourself as inconspicuous as possible.
look for someone you recognize, then stay close to them so you wont look like a loser.
swig some alcohol and start dancing with the cutest person you can see.
don’t sweat it. you hang out, start conversation, and meet new people..

Question 3:What kind of music suits you best?
Pop. You love bopping your head to the beats.
Hip-hop. It’s so cool.
Country. Gotta love it.
Rock and roll. It will never die.
Classical. You’re a traditional kind of person.

Question 4:In highschool you were
really popular with tons of friends.
always busy with schoolwork.
kind of lazy.
close to a few, good friends.
extremely lonely.

Question 5:You’d rather drink
a beer.
mountain dew.

Question 6:You’re happiest when you’re wearing
something at the height of fashion.
clothes you made yourself.
what everybody else is wearing.
who cares?

Question 7:You feel
like you’re a moderately attractive human being.
extremely attracted to your own good looks.
very insecure about your appearance
good about your looks, as long as other people constantly reassure you
totally indifferent about your appearance. It’s what’s inside that matters.

Question 8:Your friends
are really mellow.
are never around.
talk about each other all the time.
are always there for you.
have really good senses of humor.

Question 9:When you’re alone, you
read a book.
play video games.
write, paint, or do something else artistic.
try and find someone to hang out with.
do something constructive, like clean your room.

Question 10:You would rather
be in love.
have a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship.
be single.
have random hookups.
be in a relationship with someone who loves you but you don’t love back.

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