Are You A Drama Queen?
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Are You A Drama Queen?

"Stop being such a drama queen!" You've heard it before. Wonder if it's true? Take the quiz!

Question 1:   You are at McDonald's, ordering your usual Double Cheeseburger and a coke. You find in place of your coke, a DIET Coke! What do you do?
I ate at McDonalds?
Cry into your Diet Coke. Loudly.
Kill the cashier. No one liked him anyway.
I didn't even notice it was Diet. I was too busy yelling "I SAID NO CHEESE ON MY CHEESEBURGER! AND EXACTLY 55 FRIES! If I find 54, I'll kick your pansy butt!"

Question 2:   Can you cry on command?
I'll make YOU cry, pansy!
Don't make fun of me! *cries*
If I poke myself in the eye or something. Does that count?

Question 3:   Have you ever cried to get your way?
Yes. I do it all the time. It works too.
Once or twice. But only for really important stuff.
AND GIVE ME BACK MY JACKET! You're stretching it all out, fatty!
I got kicked REAL hard in the head at a pony farm!

Question 4:   Do you to perform in plays?
Shall I compare thee to a 12 foot hoagie?
Everyday is a performance. Like they say, all the school's a stage. Or something like that.
I tried out once. But....*sniffle* I didn't make it.

Question 5:   Have you ever been called a Drama Queen?
Of course. I have a shirt that says "Drama Queen". It's my favorite.
You callin' me a queen? DIE, PUNK!
...yes, and it kind of mad me sad.
I don't wanna be queen. Popes rule!

Question 6:   Do you call yourself a drama queen?
Call me a queen one more time, and they'll be calling you DEAD. And I'll make it look like an accident.
...I like pie.
Of course. It's my e-mail address and screen name.

Question 7:   How did you deal with your last breakup?
I threw a plate of nachos at him/her. But I'm too good for him/her anyway.
I cried. A lot. But then I listened to "So Yesterday" a few hundred times and felt better.
I keyed his car. And set his/her shed on fire. I think I handled it pretty don't think so? DIE!
My brother broke my favorite Transformers toy. But I glued it back together. After all, they're more than meets the eye.

Question 8:   Have you ever started drama?
Accidentally. It sucked.
...DIE! *throws knife*
Hell yeah! time, I watched 'Days of Our Lives'. Does that count?

Question 9:   Favorite color?
Black. So dramatic.

Question 10:   Do you like burritos?
Only if I eat the drama-flavored kind. The beans give me gas like you wouldn't....never mind.
As long as I eat it after I KILL SOMEONE! DIE!
YEAH! I EAT THEM ALL THE TIME! And also one time, nachos.

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