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Take this quiz to find out what type of hero you are.

Question 1:In The Scarlet Letter Hester fights for love. Hester has a daughter through the act of adultery. She is forced to wear a scarlet letter “A” on her dress at all times. Hester and her bastard child decide to live on the outskirts of town. Eventually, the townspeople feel that Hester is not capable of taking care of Pearl, the daughter. However, when the town wants to take Pearl away, Hester refuses to lose her. Hester never gives up on her daughter because of the love that she has inside of her for others. Suppose you loved someone very deeply, whether that person was your child, husband, wife, or parent, and that person was being forced to leave you. Someone told the person you love to leave you and never see you again. What would you do?
That person is your whole life. You love them even more than you love yourself. You would never let that person go.
You would allow that person to follow their hearts. They could either stay or go.
Stay with that person because you don’t believe that they could live without you.
Let them follow their hearts, but would later regret it.

Question 2:In the book Red Badge of Courage, Henry Fleming decides to join the Union Army. At first he views war as courageous and romantic, however, when Henry physically faces the harsh realities of fighting, he runs away. Ultimately he decides to return to the army he had deserted. On his way back to finding his comrades he runs into wounded soldiers. Henry pretends to be wounded as well, so the other soldiers would not think less of him for deserting them. Suppose you are confronted with a difficult situation where you want to lie. Everyone in your class donated money to a homeless shelter and you didn’t. When someone asks you whether you donated or not, what would you say?
Tell the truth and not try to say that someone was supposed to remind you about it and didn’t.
Say you donated the money.
Say that you don’t want to let anyone down and will donate the money later.
Accept the responsibility, but you would find the money to donate no matter what.

Question 3:In the book Of Mice and Men Lenny accidentally kills his boss’s wife. Curley, the boss, decides that he wants to take the life of Lenny for the murder of his wife. Lenny’s best friend, George, comes to the decision that he doesn’t want Curley to kill Lenny, because Lenny would then die from hatred. Rather, George wants Lenny to die from love and, therefore, George chooses to kill Lenny himself. Suppose your best friend in the entire world has cheated on his/her boyfriend/girlfriend and a person who hates your best friend saw the whole thing. This person then decides that he/she wants to tell your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend to get your friend into trouble. What do you do?
Keep your mouth shut. It is not your battle to be fought.
Go along with it. You don’t want anyone to be mad at you.
Try to protect your friend the best way you can.
Try to divert the blame to yourself. You were there when the crime was committed, so you are partly responsible.

Question 4:In The Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby grew up poor and unknown. One day he is presented with the opportunity to become a different person. He takes this opportunity and becomes rich and known by all. Gatsby lies about his identity to look better. He makes up a false impression of himself to be famous and loved by all, especially by the woman he loves, Daisy. You really like someone who usually doesn’t even notice you when you walk down the hallway. However, you know what kind of boy/girl this person does like. What would you do to try and get their attention?
Don’t change. If they don’t like you for who you are, so be it.
Pretend to be a changed person, but secretly you are still the same.
Forget about him/her. Relationships are overrated.
Become whatever he/she wants. That person you love is worth anything.

Question 5:In Of Mice and Men, George takes care of his best friend Lenny even though Lenny is different from everyone else. Lenny is retarded and cannot live without someone’s aid. George keeps Lenny safe and makes sure that Lenny has a job and is treated well. George makes other people see Lenny for who he really is and not just different. He remains by Lenny’s side through thick and thin. If your friend is an outcast because he/she is very different and made fun of… What would you do?
Who cares what everyone else thinks. He/she is your friend.
You would follow the crowd, but you would feel bad about it.
Try to make everyone else see his/her true qualities. He/she is really a good person.
Remain friends with him/her. You have to be friends with everyone.

Question 6:In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby lies about a crime that he does not commit. Daisy, the woman that Gatsby loves, was driving his car, hit and killed a woman. The woman was Myrtle, Daisy’s husband’s lover. Gatsby tells everyone that he is the one driving the car and that he is responsible for Myrtle’s death. Gatsby takes the blame for the one he loves. If a policeman stopped you in your car with your boyfriend/girlfriend and the cop found a bag of drugs that belonged to your boyfriend/girlfriend… What would you do?
Don’t say anything. It’s not your responsibility. It’s not up to you to make your boyfriend/girlfriend claim the blame.
Rat out your boyfriend/girlfriend in an instant. There is no way that you are going to get in trouble for something that you didn’t do. After a while, you will feel bad about it.
Clear your name and try to get your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name cleared too.
Take the blame. You don’t want your boyfriend/girlfriend to get in trouble. You were in the car too.

Question 7:In The Red Badge of Courage, Henry, a young man, is excited about going to war. The only thing that he fears is that he might run from the battle. When Henry goes to his first actual battle, he fights, but later he retreats and runs away. He lets his fears get the best of him. Henry does not confront his fear. He does what he is afraid to do, run from battle. If you were in a fight with somebody else from school and you were really afraid of that person…What would you do?
Don’t fight. Whatever their problem with you is, it’s not your responsibility. Anyway who cares what that person or anyone else thinks about you for not showing up to the fight.
Run from the fight. Later you would realize that you want to confront your fears. Next time you’re in a fight you will show up.
There wouldn’t be a fight. You’re too peaceful. You would placate the person before the fight starts. Only fight in defense if you had too.
You would try to fight with words, not with fists.

Question 8:In The Scarlet Letter, Hester stands for her beliefs. She has an affair with the Reverend in the town that she lives in. Hester later becomes pregnant and everyone in town knows that the father of the child is not her husband, because he had never come to town. The town persecutes her and tries to make her confess and tell whom the baby’s father is. She stands in front of her whole town with the letter “A” on her shirt and the bastard baby in her arms. She takes the blame for her crimes/sins and does not tell anyone whom the baby’s father is. Hester is the only one being punished for a crime that two people commit. She risks public humiliation to save the other person’s reputation. If you and your friend were cheating on a test and only you got caught…What would you do?
Take the blame and the punishment. You are not responsible for anyone else.
Lie and try to get out of the punishment. You already did something wrong. What’s the harm in telling another lie?
Try to protect your friend, but if you know that they are going to get caught, you would turn him/her in so he/she would not get in more trouble.
Take the blame. Your friend is worth more than the punishment.

Question 9:In the novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby falls in love with a woman named Daisy. Gatsby is then forced to leave Daisy and fight in the war. Afterwards, when he comes back to America, he is still in love with Daisy. He follows her to her home in East Egg and devotes his life to stalking Daisy in order to win her love. For as long as you can remember you have had an obsession with the band The Peels; they are the hottest group on tour. You finally get a ticket to the concert. Do you find a way backstage to declare your obsession and love for the band?
You would never be that infatuated with a band.
Hand around the stage door debating whether or not to sneak in and finally go for the chance to meet the band.
Realize that many people like the band and you are just one of thousands. The concert is good enough.
Sneak backstage and find a way for the band to notice you.

Question 10:In the novel The Scarlet Letter, Hester has an affair with a Reverend. She thought her husband was dead, because he had never shown up in town. When the town discovers Hester’s adultery, they force her to stand on a scaffold, with her baby, for hours. They also tell her that she will have to wear a scarlet letter “A” on her dress for the rest of her life. They then say that if she confesses to whom the father of her baby is, the punishment will be lessened. However, Hester refuses to tell on the Reverend. You are in your senior year of high school and about to graduate. Your best friend is the valedictorian of the class. It is time for finals and you and your best friend have had a bad case of senioritis, so you are not prepared for you English final. The two of you decide to steal the test. Anther student sees two people steal the test, but can only see your face. That student tells the teacher on you and says you were with someone but doesn’t know who it is. The teacher tells you your punishment will be reduced if you tell whom the other person is, which would ruin your friend’s reputation. What do you do?
Keep your friend’s secret. You stole the test and deserve to be punished. You are not responsible for your friend.
Confess who the friend was if you thought that the teacher would think less of you if you didn’t tell who the other culprit was.
Don’t tell but try to convince your friend that confessing would make the punishment less severe.
Say that you were the only one who stole the test. That other student must have just thought that they saw two people stealing the test.

Question 11:In the novel Of Mice and Men, George is Lenny’s best friend. Lenny is unable to take care of himself because he is mentally retarded. Throughout Lenny’s entire life George has been there for him. George always finds Lenny a job when he needs one. Also, when Lenny gets into trouble for committing crimes accidentally, George finds a way to save Lenny and start their life over again. Your best friend becomes paralyzed in a freak accident and is unable to take care of himself/herself. Do you take of the responsibility?
Take care of the person as best as you can but make sure you still have an independent life of you own.
Try to help out as best as you can without making a total commitment.
Yes, a true friend would take care of their best friend.
Agree to financially provide for you friend and look in on him/her from time to time

Question 12:In the novel The Red Badge of Courage, the character Henry shows his leadership in the face of danger. While his regiment is in battle the person holding the Union flag dies and the flag falls on the ground. Henry decides to pick up the flag and marches forward leading on the troops into battle. You are in a car accident with two of your friends in your car and four people in the other car. There are no other vehicles on the road for it is late at night. You are the only one who is able to pull yourself from the wreckage; you only have scrapes and bruises. What do you do?
Call the police and stay at the scene of the accident.
Risk your life by entering the cars to save the people and wait for help to arrive.
Realize that you can’t save everyone, so decide to just try and save your best friend.
Risk your life by entering the cars to save the people, call for help, and then leave the scene before other help arrives.

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