Which Mist Woods Evil Chick Are You?

Ah! here the evil ones you wanted...this will let you know which evil one you're like muahaha!~

Question 1:You are a/an...
Evil Sorcerer
Vampire and ex-witch

Question 2:When you get annoyed what do you say?
I want gore people!

Question 3:What's fun to you?
Killing killing killing killing killing...
I play with people.
Being with my boyfriend

Question 4:How do get what you want?
Seduction is the key...it never fails
I whine until people's ears bleed.
My boyfriend will do what I say...I have him well trained.

Question 5:What do you like to wear?
Pretty dresses that make oooh sooo seductive.
hmmm...what I find I keeps....

Question 6:What means the most to you?
My best friend and not being bored
My boyfriend
I don't understand the question

Question 7:Some one pisses you off you...
Hypnotize them, hurt them and slowly kill them
Send my so called friend to hurt them.
one word...BOYFRIEND

Question 8:What are your favorite accessories ?
Handcuffs, and a dagger
guess...what not my boyfriend...crystal ball.

Question 9:Who would you most likely to fall for?
The one who turned me into a vampire.
One who kisses my feet.

Question 10:How are old you?
16 I was just turned this year.
I dunno
Not telling

This Quiz has been designed by Mary.