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Question 1:In the novel Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne is married to a man in whom she did not find true love. She had been separated from him for a long time. Then she met Arthur Dimmesdale and fell in love. She found true love for the first time in her life and made the decision to commit adultery with him. You have been in a relationship for a long time and are suddenly separated from your boyfriend/girlfriend because of college. Your relationship had never been very fulfilling and he/she never treated you the way you deserved to be treated. At college you find true love in someone else while you are still technically with your boyfriend/girlfriend from high school. What do you do?
True love is what you believe in and you are going to stand up for what you believe because you feel that it is an injustice to you to stay with your bf/gf. You decide to start a relationship with this ‘someone else’. You end things with your bf/gf from high school and start your new relationship honestly.
You think that you have been too caught up in relationships lately and you would like to have some independence. You break it off with both girls.
You need a break from all of this drama to figure out what you want, so you go on spring break with your best friends. When you come back you realize that you cannot ignore true love and break it off with your bf/gf and start a relationship with this new person.
You realize that you don’t really have to tell your bf/gf about this ‘someone else’ and you continue to have a relationship with both people.

Question 2:In the novel Scarlet Letter, Hester chose to have an affair and as a result became pregnant with an illegitimate child. Hester chose to keep the child and stay in the village even though she knew she would be ostracized. You or your girlfriend gets pregnant while still in a Catholic high school. You know you will be looked down upon when people find out, maybe even kicked out. What do you do?
You think it is an injustice to you to be forced to give up the baby. You want to have the baby and you will not let others stop you.
You don’t want to be tied down right now and you have the right to your own independence. You don’t want to keep the baby and decide not to.
You don’t have the heart to have an abortion but you also cannot fathom staying in your town just to be ostracized. You move to your aunt’s house across the country during the pregnancy and will decide after the child is born what to do.
You cannot have a child while you are in high school. Although you can afford it and your family would help you out, you know that some kids will never accept you again. Even if you moved away during the pregnancy, people would still know and they would still talk. You decide to have an abortion before anyone besides your mom finds out.

Question 3:In the novel Of Mice and Men George realizes that Lennie, although he has good intentions, has the tendency to hurt people. In the most recent case, his tendency has gotten him into a lot of trouble. The men from the farm, especially the boss, want to find Lennie, beat him, possibly lynch him and definitely kill him. George decides that it is better if he kills his friend. He finds him, talks to him, calms him, and shoots him. You have had your dog for your whole life. Although he is huge, not so intelligent, and a little out of control you love your dog. However, his size and out of control nature have often gotten him into trouble. He has often bitten people when he is trying to be friendly. Yesterday he bit a girl by accident when she was petting him. The girl’s father is very upset and has said that he is going to kill the dog. What do you do?
Your dog is your family and this girl and her family are challenging who you are when they challenge your dog. You will not put the dog down but you will attempt to restrain him.
You sent him to your aunt’s house across the country so that he can still live and he can have more freedom. He deserves to live independently as he wishes with more freedom. Your aunt would never under any circumstance put an animal to sleep.
You send him to your aunt’s house across the country so that you can examine the whole situation while he is away. In the end you decide that you can’t put him to sleep but you decide to keep him in the country where he can live.
You do nothing. People should be more careful when approaching a big animal. You do not take the girl’s father’s threats seriously. You decide not to do anything to protect the dog or the neighborhood.

Question 4:In the novel The Great Gatsby, Daisy is driving a car with Gatsby in it when she hit Myrtle Wilson and kill her. Gatsby loves Daisy and has always loved her. He lost her once and does not want to lose her again. Gatsby decides to take responsibility for driving the car that night to protect Daisy. You were dating your bf/gf for a short time and you fell in love with him/her. You broke up for a long time and are just starting to talk and get involved again. You are with your bf/gf when they steal the final from the files on the computer. The teacher has been tipped off to the fact that someone has stolen the final, but has no idea who. She asks anyone with any information to come forward. What do you do?
When you are questioned and accused you do not take responsibility and you do expose your ex bf/gf. You will not remain passive in the face of a challenge to your dignity. You would never cheat like that.
You deny the accusations against you because you are innocent. You value your innocence and independence. You are independent from your ex bf/gf, they should take the blame, and you tell on them.
After removing yourself from the situation you take responsibility. You need to reclaim what you have lost (your ex bf/gf). You think that if you take responsibility for stealing the paper, then you will definitely get back together.
You tell your teacher that your girlfriend stole the final and that you had nothing to do with it.

Question 5:In the novel Red Badge of Courage, Henry receives a wound from a soldier on Henry’s side. Henry was pestering the soldier, and the soldier became frustrated and impatient and hits Henry on the head. When he returns to camp, Henry’s peers assume that his wound is from battle. Henry chooses not to tell them that it is a wound from one of his own men. When you receive your report card in the mail, you are expecting a C in English. However on the report card, you have gotten an A. It is obviously a mistake because Ms. Lane told you last week that you got a C and you need to start reading the literature more. However when your parents see the report card they are thrilled. They are very proud and make a big deal out of it. What do you do?
Go see Ms. Lane and tell her that someone made a mistake. You should receive a C. You need to claim what is rightfully yours; you will not remain passive here.
You do not do anything. You believe that you are innocent in the matter. You took a class and a grade showed up. You were independent from the mistake and therefore you shouldn’t do anything.
You go to Ms. Lane and tell her that someone made a mistake because something has been lost. You must reclaim what has been lost and if you take the A, you will be losing dignity.
You brag to all of your friends and family about how hard you worked and how well you did. You rub it in your best friends face who got a C.

Question 6:In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the heroine, Hester Prynne leaves England for America while her husband stays behind. When she arrives in America she cheats on her husband with Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. Imagine that you go down to the beach for a month over the summer with your friends. While there, you meet a boy/girl that you really like. However, you have a boyfriend/girlfriend at home. What do you do?
Don’t act on the your feelings, you should remain faithful to your significant other.
Act on your feelings for the boy/girl down the shore. You only live once and you should be able to do what you want to do.
Think about all the possible choices you could make and each of their consequences. After contemplating carefully, you make your decision to continue to be committed to your boyfriend/girlfriend because you know your relationship is very meaningful
Act on your feelings for this boy/girl because it doesn’t really mean anything right?

Question 7:In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George has constantly cared for his friend Lennie who has a mental disability. Lennie is always getting George and himself into trouble and therefore they’ve lost many jobs. You have a job at a local business. Your friend is applying for the new job opening and the manager asks you for help in picking the most suited future employee. You know that he/she doesn’t have the kind of experience necessary to get the job done. However, he/she has always been there for you and really needs this job. What do you do?
Do not choose your friend. Tell him/her that he/she has no chance of getting the job.
Do not choose your friend. He/she is his/her own individual and can survive on his/her own.
Take time to contemplate the situation and all your choices. You eventually come to the conclusion that you should pick your friend for the the job because of his/her commitment and drive.
Don’t hire your friend. It’s his/her problem!

Question 8:In Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, Henry Fleming is a young soldier who fears battle because he has no confidence in his fighting ability. He decides to run from battle because of his uncertainty and cowardice. You are a member of your school’s basketball team. One of your teammates is fouled and gets 2 foul shots. However, he/she is hurt and isn’t able to take the shots. The coach asks you to take the shots on behalf of your teammate. Your team is down 2 points and this is for the state championships. You’ve been fearing this type of pressure all season. What do you do?
Take the shots because your team needs you to get the job done.
Don’t take the shots. It’s not your place and the glory belongs to someone else.
Spend some time thinking what you should do and eventually decide to take the shots. After all, your team needs you tonight.
Get scared and run away. You don’t want anyone to be mad at you if you miss the shots.

Question 9:In The Great Gatsby, Mr. Wilson believes that Jay Gatsby has killed his wife, Myrtle. Out of rage and devotion to his wife, Mr. Wilson goes to Gatsby’s house and shoots him dead. You find out that your boyfriend/girlfriend has been hurt by another student you’ve had problems with in the past. How do you react?
Seek out the boyfriend/girlfriend and fight back. This injustice has causes such anger and fury.
Don’t do anything yourself. Your boyfriend/girlfriend can stand up for his/her self and gain his/her independence or freedom.
Consider all of your options and their consequences. You decide to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend and if they don’t do something about it, you will.
Question your boyfriend/girlfriend. It is quite possible that they’ve lied or exaggerated a situation.

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