Which Topia Villain are you?
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Which Topia Villain are you?

For everyone who does know what I’m talking about, this is the Saviors of Topia personality test!! :D!!! Ever wondered which of Staz’s Topia villains are most like in the story, or want to know if you’re right when you bug Staz about who you think you’re most similar to? Well here’s the place to find out!!

Question 1:Question 1: Someone you love was hurt by someone else also close to you. You:
Get mad at the person who did the hurting and give them the silent treatment…meany
Role your eyes and tell the person who was hurt to cry you a rive
Find out -why- that person did this
try to make sure you don’t get in the middle
Get revenge!!!!

Question 2:Your role in a team would be...
the leader, because you’re best at making a plan
the follower, because you have -no- flippin’ idea what you’re doing!
the follower, because you only work well when you’re part of a group, not leading
the person who complains the whole time…
the leader, because you love power!!!!

Question 3:My dear goodness, you approach a land where you find out you’re a god! You:
Grin and accept your throne
Roll your eyes and say “not -another- kingdom!”
Politely refuse, you’re not the leading type
Blink a few times
Raise an eyebrow…and consider the town to be a bunch of lunatics...

Question 4:Well, you find out that you’re not a god in the kingdom…but a Sacrifice to the god! While at the lava pit, You:
simply have some followers come and kill everyone in the town and leave
Shake your head, turn the tables, and throw a bunch of them in to intimidate the rest. Are you a sacrifice now??
Come up with a plan to narrowly escape
knew there was something fishy…

Question 5:What do you do when you have a crush on someone?
Waste no time in telling them. Rawr!
Flirt like Hell with them because you’re -so- irresistible
Blush a lot whenever you’re around them
Tell everyone else but your crush about how you feel
Flirt casually around them...they'll soon give in to your charm

Question 6:Question 6: How are you when it comes to fighting?
I let my Chronies do the dirty work
I lunge at the opponent and beat them to a pulp!!!
I try to keep away from fighting
I try to talk my way out of a fight…or just threaten my way
I’ll only fight if I have to…

Question 7:What does your laugh sound like?
Like a crude cackle
You just sort of grin
a giggle
you snort when you laugh
A chuckle

Question 8:What do you want most in life?
To reach your goals
Revenge on those who hurt me

Question 9:What’s your style of clothing?
very- different
Whatever I feel like wearing…I’m not the trend-loving type
I wish my school had uniforms…
Dark, lots of black
Basically what’s in style, but with a hint of individuality

Question 10:Your role in your clique of friends is:
I crave power, I’m the leader in my little clique
I have no clique…maybe a 2 person one
I really don’t have a big say in my group
I’m the one who is mad at at least one person in it
I’m the comedy relief, basically

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