Are You Too Good?
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Are You Too Good?

Are all your friends of high class? Do you turn your nose of at things or people you consider lower than your standards? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:A nice guy writes you an email, but you can't see yourself associating with this guy because:
he's ugly, so u trash it.
he's too hot, but u send back a nice reply anyway.
you don't know him and you reply asking him how he got your address.

Question 2:You see the most gorgeous fire engine-red swimsuit in an expensive designer store and there's no way you can afford it this week, but another girl shows up to your pool party wearing the exact same suit, you:
tell her how much you love it and ask to borrow it.
run up and start chatting. This chick must have some bucks to afford that!
don't worry about it.

Question 3:A guy approaches you in glasses, braces, and tacky attire, but has a nice face and cool personality and tells you he has a thing for you, you:
tell him to get over it.
are not really interested, but tell him you're flattered and tell him you're taken.
say thanks and take any offer he gives you.

Question 4:You buy clothes because:
of their labels.
you'll fit in wearing them.
you think they're cool.

Question 5:The thing you like the most about your boyfriend is:
the fact that he actually likes you.
he's can get on any sports team.
he's really friendly and treats ya swell

Question 6:You would not be friends with the new girl because:
she's out of your league.
she's mean.
she looks tacky.

Question 7:When you saw that the guy that invited you to his party has a small, shabby house, you:
see if any of your friends are there.
keep driving.
say this is just my level, and go party.

Question 8:For Christmas you expect what and nothing less?
some crappy sweaters from grandma.
A 2003 model car, what else?
something your parents know you will love.

Question 9:You see some skaters near your house, you:
ignore them.
put on your blades and try to be like them.
check them out.

Question 10:The star baseball player walks up to ya acting over-confident and starts chatting, you:
think he's cute, but his attitude is kinda pushin.
get excited and ask him what he's doing next weekend right away.
pinch yourself. You're obviously dreaming.

Question 11:There are three clerks in your fave store. The first is looking down and is shy and soft-spoken. The second is attentive and nice. The third is ignoring all surroundings flipping thru a TEEN zine, chewing gum, and applying make up, but is dressed cute. Which clerk do u ask for help?
the first
the second
the third

Question 12:Your date to the SpringBall is:
WHAT?! I have a date!?
Prom King from last year
Your cute, available guy-friend from 4th period.

Question 13:You've got a choice. ABERCROMBIE. NO BOUNDARIES. NIKE. You choose:
Which else looks the coolest to you.
the cheapest one.

Question 14:Your favorite super model is:
Tira Banks
Naomi Campbell
I don't do the model thing.

Question 15:You wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing:
a bathing suit.
your birthday suit
wal-mart clothes

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