What Superhero Type Are You?
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What Superhero Type Are You?

Do you save the day with your abs of steel, or do you bumble along and somehow come up with the right answer? Do you go solo or have a sidekick? All these important questions and more can be answered by taking this simple quiz!

Question 1:What is your superhero costume like?
Tight fitting spandex or molded plastic in bright, flashy colours.
My regular clothes. I don't wear a costume.
Black, with a cape and hood, mask or cowl that hides your face.
Spandex in patriotic colours.

Question 2:Do you work alone?
No, having friends to back you up is always important.
I have a sidekick who tags along, but he/she's not really important.
Yes, I don't need anyone when I have right on my side.
Yeah, usually, but sometimes bystanders will help me out.
Of course. I hate having to watch out for anyone else.

Question 3:Who is your arch-nemesis?
The head of an evil corporation with plots to overthrow the government.
One or several supervillains with unnatural powers and/or high-tech weapons.
A villain whose plots are always ridiculously complicated or poorly thought out.
The evil villain who killed my parents / best friend(s) / sibling(s) / spouse or significant other.
Anyone who commits crimes when I am nearby to stop them.

Question 4:What values are you fighting for / what motivates you?
Justice and the American / Canadian / British / some other country's way.
Protecting the little guy.
I'm just doing what's right.
I'm in it for the sexy women / men that superheroes always get.

Question 5:What is your alternate identity?
Popular party animal, maybe part of a band.
A mild-mannered reporter or a person with a generic white-collar job.
I'm just a normal person.
Sexy and possibly rich guy / girl who's always surrounded by members of the opposite sex.
Secretive, possibly depressed person with a very dark personality.

Question 6:How do you feel about cute fuzzy animals?
I have one as a pet, and it's also a superhero like me. His/her costume even matches mine ... cute, eh?
I speak to them.
They must be protected at all costs.
I'm allergic to animal fur.

Question 7:What's your favorite colour?
Blue, I guess.
Red, because it's so sexy.
The colours of my country's flag.
Anything bright and fun, like yellows and reds.

Question 8:What is your one weakness?
I have no weaknesses!
My desire for revenge often gets in the way when I'm trying to save the day.
Kryptonite, or something similar.
My sense of fair play.
Too gullible.

Question 9:What is your best quality?
I'm really just a regular guy, I don't have any outstanding qualities.
My determination.
My loyalty to my friends.
My patriotic nature and my sense of justice.
My sexy body, my intelligence, hell, everything about me is great!

Question 10:Where can you be found when not saving the world?
At a coffee shop.
In my hot tub with several really hot members of the opposite sex.
Alone in a dark room.
In Washington (or my country's equivalent)
In the secret clubhouse.

Question 11:Who is your best friend?
I have no friends. I don't like people.
A guy/girl from work or school who knows nothing about my superabilities.
One of my superhero buddies.
I don't have friends, I have admirers.
My country's political leader.

Question 12:Your place of residence is ... ?
An apartment or house shared with several other superheroes.
Similar to the Playboy Mansion
Small, dark, and somewhat messy.
Just a nice, clean house.
In my country's capital.

Question 13:Your superhero name is ... ?
Captain Freedom (or something similar).
Descriptive of my particular superpower (example: I have water-powers, therefore I am Aquatix).
Enigmatic and dark (examples: The Phantom, Shadowstep, The Night Hawk).
Something the newspapers came up with.
Descriptive of my amazing good looks and sexual prowess (example: Studman).

Question 14:You never leave home without ... ?
I just never leave home. I prefer being alone in the dark to going out.
Your cell phone or musical instrument.
Your costume on underneath your clothes so that you can easily change into it in the nearest phone booth or out of the way corner.
Condoms. You never know when you'll meet someone you'd like to roll around with.
Your purse / wallet.

Question 15:What is your favorite animal?
The eagle or lion.
I'm scared of most animals.
The monkey.
Something nocturnal, like a bat, or mythical, like a dragon.
I like dogs.

Question 16:When you meet the villain you say ... ?
"You know, you're really annoying."
"Give in, evil one, for I am Studman, and none can stand against me and my amazing sexual powers!"
"We are the SuperFriends, and we have come to foil your evil scheme!"
"I will defeat you, for nothing can overcome justice, right, and the American way!"
"I am The Phantom. Ten years ago you killed my brother. Now i will kill you."

Question 17:What is the one thing that could convince you to give up on saving the world?
Peer pressure. If my friends gave it up I suppose I would too, 'cause it just wouldn't be any fun without them.
Lots and lots of beautiful women / men. Who cares if the world gets destroyed while I'm having the best group sex ever?
I consider giving it up every day. I don't know why I still do this.
Once I've gotten my revenge I plan to stop being a hero. I won't have a reason any more.
Only death can stop me from enforcing what is right!

Question 18:Would you die to save the world?
If I had to, but I'd hope my friends would save me.
Not until I get my revenge.
I've never really thought about it ... I guess it would depend on the situation.
Never! I would not deprive the world of me!
Of course!

Question 19:Who is the most important person/people in your life?
ME! I am utterly amazing, and so damn sexy!
The leader of my country.
My friends.
My dog, I guess.
My dead brother / mother / father / spouse / etc. I am fighting to avenge them, and they are all that matters to me now.

Question 20:What superhero do you think you are most like?
I'm not really all that much of a hero, I'm just a regular guy who sometimes manages to save the world.
Myself, because no other superhero is as amazing as me!
One of the X-Men.
Batman, pre-Robin.

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