Are you nice?
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Are you nice?

Well, are you?

Question 1:Your little sister wants a bite of your favorite icecream. You...
Give her as much as she wants....she's so sweet!
Only give her one's your favorite
Give her a couple bites but there's only a tiny bit of icecream on each spoonful
Eat it in front of her, acting like you are in heaven because it's so good!
Walk off

Question 2:Your friends want you to go someplace you HATE to go. you..
Go along and act like you’re having the time of your life
Forget how much you hate it, and have fun because you’re with your friends
Pretend to be sick and do something you like
Tell them you don't want to go.....nicely
Tell them you wouldn't go with them if they paid you a million dollars

Question 3:A homeless person on the side of the road looks like they haven't eaten in days. You..
Throw a couple pennies at them
Give them all the dollar bills you have (only like $3)
Buy them a meal
Walk right by
Make fun of them with your friends

Question 4:There's a lady beside you who needs fifty cents to get something off the menu. It looks like she hasn't eaten in days.You have fifty cents in your pocket you...
Tell her you don't have any money
Laugh at her
Give her fifty cents
Buy the meal for her
Give her a quarter and wish her good luck

Question 5:Your friend rips her pants. She is so embarrassed and everybody is laughing at her. You...
Laugh hysterically.....she looks so funny!
Go inside with her to get her pants fixed
Don't laugh but let her get made fun don't want to lose your social image. She'll understand.
Tell everyone that something like this could happen to them, and tell everyone an embarrassing story so the attention is taken off your friend
Help her in, but let her go ahead, and start making fun of her behind her back

Question 6:You know who your friend has a crush on. You like this guy, too, but haven't told her yet. He suddenly comes up to you and asks you if she likes him. You...
Tell him she doesn't like him but admit you do
Tell him she has a crush on him but then, flirt with him to get his attention off her
Lie and say she hates him, and ask him on a date so you can meet up with her and rub it in her face
Tell him she likes him
Arrange a time where the two can meet and let them have a romantic dinner together

Question 7:You see a dog on the side of the road. It looks like it's been hit, but it's still alive. You...
Put it in your car, poor thing, and take care of it till its owner starts looking for it
Kill it mercifully
Run over it just enough to afflict more pain without killing it
Take him to the nearest house and ask the people to take care of it (you can't take of it)
Ride by it

Question 8:Your teacher puts you with this guy/girl who never showers. It's really hard to work with her. You...
Tell her you'll do the project. Can't stand being around them
Tell them to take a shower with a kind tone and finish the project
Make fun of them behind their back....doing the project with nose plugs
Tell them to their face that they stink and tell them just to go'll finish this project
Endure it

Question 9:Your sister's hair looks so bad! She asks you how it looks. You...
say it looks great and make fun of her all day
tell her she looks ugly
kindly tell her that she could look better if she tried
don't answer
tell her it doesn't look awesome, and offer to help

Question 10:There's a new kid at your school. You...
invite them into your group.....hate to see them feel lonely
offer to sit with them for a couple days
make fun of them
totally ignore them
Make up a gross rumor about them, making them feel more inferior

Question 11:Your friends know you as....
the kindest person they know
the meanest person to anyone lower than them
someone who is nice but not to the point to hurt your social status
a backstabber
truthful to people. If you don't like them, you tell them.

Question 12:Your enemies know you as...
someone who is always nice to them, no matter how mean they are to you
someone who makes them feel so inferior
someone who doesn't want to heart their social status to be nice to them
someone who acts nice to their face and will make fun of them behind their back
tell them what you think of them to their least you don't hide it

Question 13:Do you think I'm nice?
yeah, right
don't know you
you're evil
I don't know you, but I bet your sweet

Question 14:Do you judge people before you get to know them?
yes, I really shouldn't ; it's not nice
I NEVER! (lying)
yes, I like to make fun of them too
yeah, I can tell if their popular or not
yeah, I need to stop, but it's so hard

Question 15:Do you think you're nice?
yeah (lying again?)
no, I'm mean. MUHAHA!
I think so
that's what people tell me
not always, but I try my best

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