What kind of soul are you?
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What kind of soul are you?

Are you a heavenly angel or a hellish devil? Take my quiz.

Question 1:If you watch a TV show like Big Brother, what do you feel when they trivialize the human lifestyle.
Neutral. They shouldn't use it as entertainment, but it gives the people a chance to have the limelight.
Happy. Great entertainment!
Upset. They should respect the people in that house.

Question 2:If an old man is having trouble picking up spilt coins, what do you do?
Laugh and point. Stupid bastard.
Run over and help him. Poor thing.
Worry for a few minutes, but then your bus comes.

Question 3:You believe that all people are beautiful...
As if! What about all those ugly fishwives strutting their flab?
Only if they make themselves so on the soul.
Yes, inside and outside in everyway.

Question 4:The symbol of peace is...
The dove.
Peace! Ha!
Anybody beautiful.

Question 5:Colours of Love are...
Pastel whites, pinks and yellows.
Reds and Pinks
Don't be soppy.

Question 6:You never eat McDonalds because
I eat it all the time - yum!
It gives you pimples and is unenvironmental.
They cut down trees and kill cattle. Evil.

Question 7:Fate is....
Crap. Who believes that nonsense?
When two people fall in love because it's meant to be.
A way of people simplifying the future in a beautiful way.

Question 8:If you got a tattoo it would be of...
A star spreading hope and dreams.
A dove or a love heart spreading peace through the world
Something sinister that gives a lasting effect

Question 9:A real romantic movie is...
Gone With The Wind
One Fine Day
Romance - blagh, sissy stuff.

Question 10:Why are we here on earth?
Nobody Knows
There is no reason - it's a beautiful combination of fate and chance bringing us here to make the most of life.
Who Cares?

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