Are you a pure Angel or a nasty evil Devil?

Take this test to find out if people love or hate you like hell.

Question 1:Your friend just broke up with her boy/girlfriend. She is really upset, what would you say to make her feel better? (and be honest)
You are a true and loyal friend. You always make me happy, anybody in the world would be lucky to be with you. If you ever need a friend, I am always here.
There is plenty of fish in the sea. I am your friend and will always help you.
That guy is a real jerk, I'll give him a piece of my mind! (thinking of dating him/her behind her/his back

Question 2:Your friend got really mad at you because she says yesterday you've done something very rude to her at the mall. She won't talk to you unless you say sorry, you have no idea what she is talking about. So you:
You won't talk to her, if you don't know what she's talking about then you are NOT going to say sorry. Besides what bad did you do?
Tell her that you have no idea what she is talking about, but you are sorry if you offended her in any way.
Some friend she/he is, I'm going to kick that B#$%%# SHE'S/HE'S GOING TO DIE!!!!

Question 3:You went in your little sister's bedroom and you found her journal. You decide to:
I will not read it, it's her private property, even when she embarrass me at school.
Read a few pages, then tease her when she gets annoying.
READ IT! DUH!!! Then I will tell all her little stupid secrets to all of her little annoying friends and classmate BECAUSE SHE WON'T STOP WEARING MY CLOTHES!!!

Question 4:What is your style?
A beautiful sundress and white sandals/ Just anything that will make me look clean
High heels sandals/shoes, a top that will show lots of skin and I mean A LOT of skin and then I wear I really short mini skirt.
I wear anything casual/ baggy clothes and pants

Question 5:Your at McDonalds and you have to meet your friends then this cute guy/chick came up to you (and you think his/she's really really HOT)He asked you if he could buy an ice cream cone for you and have a little chat. But you will be a few minutes late to meet your friends so you:
Sorry but a promise is a promise, my friends are counting on me to be there.
Just stay with him for a 1 minute or 2 but not any longer, I did made a promise and if I messed up my friends will be super angry.
I will spend all my time with him and save 5 minutes for shopping with friends at the mall. I mean it's rare that a cute guy/chick comes up to me and buys me a free ice cream cone! Anyways I promised I would be there and I will.

Question 6:What type of guy/girl are you looking for?
He/she got to be funny, cool, like those rappers and he/she has to be fun to hang out with.
A sweet gentle, and gentle guy/girl and the personality is very important.
She needs to be wild, fit and she has to have the looks. The looks are really important.

Question 7:Which singers to you prefer the best?
Michelle Branch
Celine Dion
Britney Spears

Question 8:If you could have one wish what would it be?
That all the guys/girls that I like has a crush on me.
That I have 1 million dollars.
Happiness all over the world!

Question 9:What is your mission in life?
Live and learn.
Live life to the fullest and have some fun!
To spread happiness all over the world.

Question 10:It's your boy/girlfriend's birthday, what do you get him/her for his/her birthday?
I'd give him/her a locket with a picture in it of us and I would give him/her my heart.
A birthday cake and an expensive watch.
A soccer ball, so... WHERES THE CAKE???

Question 11:Where would you have your first date?
Dinner and movies.
I'd go anywhere where my date wants to go.
A very fancy restaurant with candle light dinner. I'm not paying because always the boys/girls who pays.

Question 12:You and your date finished your delicious meal at the restaurant.The waiter gave your date the bill but it was too expensive and your date didn't have enough cash. You check your wallet and you have 100 bucks so you:
You pay for it but your date owe you 100 bucks.
You pay it, it's not fair that your date always has to always pay right?
Make him/her wash the dishes!!! I need that money to buy new shoes!!!

Question 13:You and your boy/girlfriend went to the park. You both decided to swing. Do you want to push or swing?
Make him push me on the swing! If he refuses then I will push him off the swing!!!
We will take turns so it will be fair.
I'll push my boyfriend on the swing, I just like seeing people happy :)

This Quiz has been designed by Tina.