Are you a real hero?
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Are you a real hero?

Do you consider yourself a hero or a coward?

Question 1:You are trying to take a nap in the quiet park in your peaceful hometown when a red evil dragon attacks the town and starts destroying everything. You…
Take your sword and attack. This stupid dragon will pay for destroying my beloved town
Take your sword and attack. How dare it spoil my nap?!
Continue napping. There is no fool who can take out this strong creature
Ride your horse and escape. This town is history!
Try to talk to the dragon and reason with it. There are other towns in the neighborhood!

Question 2:You escape with some other people from your town and on the road; few bad guys stop you demanding to receive all of the gold or they’d kill somebody. You…
Give them the gold and beg them to let you go
The gold is mine! I will never give up on that!
Draw your sword and ask for a dual. The winner will get the gold
Boast about killing the dragon and try to scare the wits out of the bad guys
Let them kill someone. The fewer, the better!

Question 3:You arrive at the neighboring town, which is ruled by a greedy prince. You ask for an audience with him, but the guards, looking at how you look like, refuse. You… Threaten to kill them!
Threaten to kill them!
Beg and cry!
Plot to sneak in to the palace and kidnap the prince
Smile and say the prince is your childhood friend and that they’ll regret what they do
Explain at how serious the matter is and that the dragon may attack their town as well

Question 4:At last, you and the survivors meet up with the prince and tell him about the dragon. He laughs and says that he knows about this because he has sent it. You feel really angry and…
Apologize for disturbing him and walk away
Draw your sword and cry, ‘Die, Traitor!!’
Pretend to be scared and try to befriend him
Your hidden powers awaken and you cast a spell on the prince and the dragon and kill them both
Ask someone to keep the prince busy until you get reinforcement

Question 5:After your victory, you arrange to celebrate. One of the evil followers put poison in your glass of wine. You drink and you feel different. All of a sudden and in the middle of the celebration, you…
Die. ‘It was a heroic death after all!’
Die. ‘That traitor will pay for it! I will haunt him forever!’
Die. ‘I haven’t enjoyed life yet!’
Transform into a bug and being stamped accidentally and die. ‘That’s not fair!’
Hiccough and smile at the crowd. ‘That’s some delicious wine!’

Question 6:Having heard of the evil emperor of darkness who wants to dominate the world, you set your quest to destroy him. On the way, you meet up with a mysterious lady who claims to be…
The evil emperor’s runaway sister
The evil emperor’s runaway bride
The evil emperor’s runaway babysitter
Your lost mother
Your ex-wife

Question 7:She accompanies you in your quest and after going through lots of hardships and encountering countless battles, you arrive at the evil emperor’s castle. Near the door, you find a man who, knowing your intentions, offers you...
The Legendary Sword
A bag of gold coins
The Legendary Healing Herb
The Legendary Armor
His assistance

Question 8:But in exchange, he asks for…
Your life
The mysterious lady
Your silver ring your father gave you before his death
A bottle of wine
A kiss from the lady

Question 9:Being suspicious, you demand to know who he is. He laughs and transforms into his real form saying he is the evil emperor of darkness! To your shock, he was your…
Evil twin brother
Ex-wife’s lover

Question 10:You fight with him and defeat him using your good heart and magical powers. Then you…
Kill him and take the lady and marry her
Kill him and kill the lady. ‘She’s trouble after all!’
Spare his life since he promised to be good!
Forgive him and ask him to join forces with you!
Kill him and kill the lady, then kill yourself. ‘How can I carry on living without him?!’

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