Which Professional Hero Are You? (Yes you!)
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Which Professional Hero Are You? (Yes you!)

Their stories: legendary. The characters: Mythical. Now YOU can take a quiz to discover which Hero you are! (Lucky you!) Have fun!

Question 1:   Quick! The Chaos Crew have decided to reek havoc on down town New Tao! What do you do?
Join in the destruction while laughing manically
Let out a war cry and start attacking everything and anything that crosses your path
Grab your baseball bat and run into the action
Jump over a handy nearby counter and make a really cool weapon out of a couple of toothpicks and some wire
Stand back and let the guys take care of everything. You know that you’ll be needed to help clean things up afterwards

Question 2:   The Chaos Crew have just pulled out their newest weapon of destruction. You…
Take out whoever is holding/operating the weapon.
Smash it to bits! Leave no part undamaged!
Another Weapon?
Sneak up to the weapon, remove the power converter, rearrange the sonic inhibitor, and Wallah No more weapon.
Oo! Can I use it next!

Question 3:   Well, the Chaos Crew have been dealt with (Yay you), and now it’s time to head back to the office and--
Stop interrupting the question!
To Mighty Blue Justice!
Can we stop be Radio Shack on the way back to the office?
Both of you stop breaking the fourth wall!
Destroy the office!

Question 4:   On the way home you spy some members of the Evil Hunters. Your reaction….
Grumble under your breath about how stupid Deadguy is.
Slid down in your seat, hoping that they don’t see you. They say that that those Evil Hunter people can sense if you’re evil or not…
Shout loud and rude comments about Zionus; completely ignoring the road that you’re suppose to be driving down.
Grab hold of the car door and pray that you survive DG’s driving
Admire Soul Bird’s armor and think about ways to improve the design

Question 5:   You’ve made it back to the office without any further “incidents” in the car. What is the first thing that you do?
Go sit at your desk and look like you’re doing something important. (Just in case a hot Goth chick is anywhere nearby…)
Get out your polishing kit and start the long process of making your sword mirror bright.
Sneak into the break room and try to remember if it’s the red wire or the pretty blue wire that you’re suppose to connect to the detonator on your bomb.
Check the messages and sit down at your computer to look for the Professional Hero’s next job because you know that nobody else will.
Still thinking about those improvements for Soul Bird’s armor, you sit down and start making plans for that new and improved suit

Question 6:   The phone rings. Loudly.
Curse angrily about that stupid phone. You almost had your bomb ready and now it’s ruined!
Jump into a defensive stance; ready for any danger.
Pay no attention to the noise because you’re too lost in your computer programs
Fall out of your chair behind your desk looking around wildly for whatever it was that woke you up form your nap, and hoping that nobody saw you fall.
Pick up the receiver. It was only the phone after all.

Question 7:   It turns out that the person calling has information for you. He wants you to meet him at the old docks to discus what he would like you to do.
Grab your bat and run for the car
Suddenly look up for your computer and wonder where the hell everybody has gone.
Walk slowly to the car wondering how the hell you’re going to meet this guy at the docks when you have no clue what he looks like.
Report back to your leader that the Heroes are going to be gone for a while.
Make sure that you have everything that you need and then try to beat that damn corpse to the car.

Question 8:   OK. You're at the docks. There is a shadowy figure hiding just out of your sight. It tells you that the Conformity is planning an attack on The Obsidian tonight. Your first thought is...?
I must find a way to aid in this attack...
How the hell can there be a shadowy figure in the middle of the day?
Great. The shadows are talking again.
Isn't it Techno Night at The Obsidian?
Show yourself before I stab you!

Question 9:   Back at the office, you find out more details about the attack. Your theory about how it will go down is...?
Goth Chicks. All those HOT, SEXY Goth Chicks. <Drools>
Location. Take out the people who would be least likely to conform.
Lights! They'll rig the lights to explode.
Well if I were going to be doing it I would....
Timing. The attack would have to be when the most people are there.

Question 10:   The attack is at midnight. You have a little time to get there, so grab your weapon and lets go! What do you grab?
I know that I invented something for just this occasion. Now where did I put it...?
The katana. You can never go wrong with blades.
A gun. You never know when you might need it...
He He. Weapons are fun...
Masamune, The Mighty Baseball Bat of JUSTICE!

Question 11:   Without encountering any problems on the trip there, you arrive at The Obsidian. What is the first thing that you do?
Look around for a place to make as much trouble as you possibly can.
Start fiddling with the wiring.
Hide in the background and observe any suspicious behavior.
Head straight for the bar and proceed to get drunk.
Mingle with the Goth Chicks, altogether forgetting why you're there

Question 12:   A few minutes before midnight the music suddenly goes dead and a bunch of people with white shirts, black pants, and ties surround the room. Your first reaction is...?
Get upset because they stole your idea for a big dramatic entrance!
Stab the nearest person
Demand that the Conformity halt their attack.
Time for another really cool weapon made out of mini-umbrellas and a jumper cable!
Ah Damn it! Not again! I was just about to score!

Question 13:   Jim Hannes, leader of the Conformity, takes the stage and announces that every one in the building shall either conform or die. React!
Start assembling your trap and trying not to get noticed.
Start yelling at Jim.
Embark on a long litany about how all this was your idea in the first place and how you're going to have to hurt whoever it was that stole your plans!
Thats' it! He's gonna pay! Where's my bat!
Make your way to the stage while hiding your sword from view.

Question 14:   At this point, all hell has broken loose. Everybody is fighting everybody else... The bar tender is hiding behind the bar... Things are being thrown... Where are you in all this mess?
Are trying to explain to the cops that you weren't really trying to take over the world. Honest Officer...
Happy that your trap worked! Disappointed that it's not a Conformity member in the trap.
Threatening Jim while holding your baseball bat to his head.
Pulling Deadguy off Jim before he kills him.
Slicing your way to the stage.

Question 15:   The day has been saved! The Conformity is safely behind bars, The Obsidian is mostly in one piece, and you are unharmed (mostly). How do you end your day?
With the strongest drink that you can find.
With a couple of Goth Chicks.
Behind bars plotting your escape and revenge.
With a long, hot bath.
Giving the design improvements to Soul Bird.

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