Naughty or Nice Quiz?

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Curious about where you stand in the great cosmic balance of naughty versus nice? You're not alone; it's a question many ponder, especially when the holiday season rolls around. In this quiz, we'll delve into various aspects of your character and actions to determine just which list you'll end up on. But don't worry, whether you land on the naughty or nice list, you'll gain insights and tips for improvement. Ready to discover more about yourself? Take the quiz and let's find out!

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    In the past week, have you hit someone?

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5 days ago
every kid is counting on Santa including me, Santa makes us try our best. and if you don't believe in Santa that's what you think but you can't be telling everyone that Santa is not real keep it to yourself and it might get you somewhere. and dear Santa, I would like an iPhone 13 this year.
25 days ago
Santa I know that I wasn't the best last year but I will be this year
395 days ago
Sorry Santa I might have been bad a bit but I will do my best to be really good but thx for me being in nice list
465 days ago
Naughty or nice for christmas I'd like to know ๐ŸŒป is going on
718 days ago
can i please have an ipad an new one please
736 days ago
But if it don't beat my friends up til there a bleeding heart how will they know who's best.๐Ÿ˜”
790 days ago
Nice list without a doubt!
1060 days ago
What are these comments lmao
1086 days ago
They said I was 50% I think itโ€™s me but Iโ€™m not for sure
1088 days ago
they said i was 60% nice
1089 days ago
Dear Santa, What I would like this year is a GIANT Pixy unicorn beanie boo,and a nice laptop. Pretty pretty pretty pretty please I promise to be nicer to everyone this year.
1092 days ago
Santa can I pls have boy Clothes :)
1094 days ago
SANTA AIN'T REAL! It is so sad how many parents lie to their children!
1099 days ago
Santa can give me a. Lego set
1099 days ago
Santa can get me a iPhone 16
1101 days ago
I really do not belive in santa but can i get a iphone 12 and earpods
1113 days ago
I got 83% nice and 17% naughty
1122 days ago
Dear Santa,May I please have anything comfortable for you?๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜บ๏ธ
1156 days ago
hey santa can i please get things for my dog and legend of zelda ocarina of time and japanese stuffed animals please like gudetama or rilakkuma
1446 days ago
I got 100 Nice 0 Naughty!!!