Am I A Positive Or A Negative Person? ➕➖

Are you a positive person who enjoys life and thinks positively about everything, or a negative person who complains a lot and can't see the point in anything? Maybe you're somewhere in-between. That all depends on how you see the world and react to it!
Take the quiz and find out!

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    Is the glass half-empty or half-full?
    Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

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1072 days ago
I'm not the 'naughty kid's in school btwim basically quiet kid every teacher says I'm ' quiet' but I'm also really negative ngl
1072 days ago
It called me negative every test I took did like bruh
1091 days ago
People in my class say I'm negative, even one of my teachers. He said, "Belle. I am going to be REALLY honest with you… and I want you to understand this so that you enjoy life more…. But when you have a negative view of everything… your life is going to reflect that." I'm not negative I say what I think and it comes out negative. Even my mom says I'm negative. I'm very blunt and will say the truth even if it hurts, but I'm actually optimistic. People I meet on Among Us say I'm a positive and very nice and very happy person. I don't know. My results say 50 in between, 40% positive, and 10% negative.
1112 days ago
Not all of the negative people have to be trouble makers
1120 days ago
In between. Good. I’m mostly positive. I just don’t trust people.
1120 days ago
Negative people are trouble makers.
1128 days ago
Great minds... in between alike. 😂
1138 days ago
Every day is different for me.
1138 days ago
Heh nice, I do prefer somewhere in-between..
I like thinking negative and positive....... That gives me thinking, I will feed of covid-19 cause I'm in-between yay...
1181 days ago
Do y’all play bolxburg
1217 days ago
80% negative 20% in between 0% positive XD IM DIEING
1233 days ago
COVID-19 can't get us! Stay 6 feet away from everyone. Cough and sneeze in your elbow. Wear a mask and gloves. (Sry bout this)
1233 days ago
60% normal 40% positive 0% negative. But im a little negative.xD😄😜😠 😷😱🙀👳🏥 Stay home Stay safe. Stay away from Coronavirus.😊
1245 days ago
60% normal 40% positive 0% negative ✌️😎
1257 days ago
70% normal, 30% positive, 10% negative
Seems right
1266 days ago
Am negative so what I am I believe it
1286 days ago
50% Normal
30% Positive
20% Negative
1304 days ago
50% positive
0%negative I am feeling like walking on air.
1315 days ago
50% normal

40% negative
1326 days ago
Sry for the long thing
But how do they know if we are positive or negative based on these questions?!
This test is rubbish