Am I A Positive Or A Negative Person? ➕➖

Are you a positive person who enjoys life and thinks positively about everything, or a negative person who complains a lot and can't see the point in anything? Maybe you're somewhere in-between. That all depends on how you see the world and react to it!
Take the quiz and find out!

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    Is the glass half-empty or half-full?
    Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

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1702 days ago
Pessimist for life 😘😘
1712 days ago
60% Neutral
40% Negative
0% Positive
Ouch, that stings...
1724 days ago
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1739 days ago
60% positive
40% normal
0% negative
1751 days ago
Wow, I would of thought I was mostly negative! But anyway, great quiz!
1756 days ago
the mind is playing everything. the main thing is make it positive. these questions are just like.
1790 days ago
40% Normal
30% Negative

NORMAL? HA! I mean I guess, I dress like Jughead Jones from Riverdale (Not the Archie Comics) AND I'm a nerd, I've been bullied many times, but I am possitive when I'm around my friends so yeah this actaully does make sense.
All and all pretty good test.
1802 days ago
50% normal and 50% negative
2060 days ago
Questions not worthed
2066 days ago
its a nice article. i have also written on the similar topic - are you negative. please read here is the link- 2018/04/are-you-negative.html
2081 days ago
Is the last question talking about race?....and this quiz is useless
2105 days ago
quiz questions were silly
2114 days ago
@someasian relatable!!!
2120 days ago
This questions are so silly.
This are mood questions
2190 days ago
For the question with the 7 out of 10. I am Asian and get A on the tests hence the name Asian. Are you trying to say Asians are negative? You can't just be Asian and get a C on a test and try not to get killed at home. You don't understand Asian life and are trying to make Asians look negative. Think about the minorities too........
2385 days ago
@Jim @Bob
This is very aid to me
It's so useful and aiding to me.
2386 days ago
This is pure aid why is this a thing
2386 days ago
yenom evah dug tsum etis siht
2386 days ago
. tbenretni. dug. si. siht
2386 days ago
this .is .gud .internebt .