Are you a Devil or an Angel?

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10 simple questions to see who truly controls you! Is it the Devil on one shoulder, or the Angel on the other? Take the quiz to find out! ;)

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    A person drops some money on the ground, as they continue to walk away you spot a homeless person, what do you do?

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339 days ago
I got angle. :) I'm a very sad angle tho.
I really enjoyed this quiz, it was fun.
668 days ago
Am a devil! I knew i already would be a devil, bc when am doing a rp me and my friend both like to hurt our ocs. We would abuse our ocs. And when i get mad i start hurting people, thats why i dont have friends, only online. But, the friends i have, i want to thank them for being there for me! I met them in roblox and their the best friends! @Hailey & @Zack !!
935 days ago
~you are~
You love everyone in your life and want to live happily. You love Disney and cute stuff animals and adore fairy light! The clouds inspire you to live a smooth life of no drama. If you get in a fight with friends you immediately feel guilty and apologize for anything you did wrong.

no i do not love Disney and cute stuff.
1285 days ago
i am a satanist, and i say that demons arent evil theyre misunderstood
1324 days ago
You know this quiz is a joke because everytime i do others like this, i am evil, demon, devil, but this time i was an angel >:(
1415 days ago
I didn’t do the whole thing these questions because of when it said pedophilia I got soo scared btw this is to angelwolf it means when an adult/older person harms a little kid (really badly)
1490 days ago
What am a Devil, well i saw it coming nice quiz
1511 days ago
at one quiz it sayd that im kinda bad persion now in here im an angel... nice!
1566 days ago
An angel... OK cool!
1566 days ago
What's pedopholia?! Uhhhhhhh
1573 days ago
I HOPE YOU ENJOY!! This took a while to make so I would really like your opinion!