Are you an 'angel'?
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Are you an 'angel'?

Question 1:Do you like animals?
No.I hate them.
Yes, but only few.
Yes. I like everyone of them.
Yes , but only cats.
Yes , but only dogs.

Question 2:What do you think about yourself?
I`m an angel.
I hate my body.
I like myself ,but my look could be better.
I`m just a human like the rest of us.
I have a nice soul.

Question 3:If some boy/girl, who isn`t very popular and bretty and all your friends are making fun of her/him ,asks you to date him/her ,in the middle of the class , what would you do?
I would tell her/him' No, I`m sorry'
I would tell her/him to go away and call her/him names.
I would tell her/him 'Can i think about that?' and smile.
I would say nothing.
I would walk away.

Question 4:An old lady is walking just behind you and suddenly she falls down. How do you react?
I would walk on. 'Maybe someone else helps her?'
I would ask her if she needs some help.
I`ll stop and help her back up.
I would walk on with a grin on my face.
I would run away.

Question 5:Do you believe in something?
No i dont believe in anything.
Yes. I believe in love and hope...
Yes. I only believe in Santa-Claus.

Question 6:What is the most important thing in your life.
money and fame
My boyfriend is all that i care about wright now.
My family and friends.

Question 7:Whats your favourite colour?
I like black.
Red is the colour of love. Thats why i like it.
I like all the colours, but the most beautiful is white.
Yellow and pink.
Green , because it`s the colour of nature.

Question 8:Do you communicate with old people( grandmom and dad) and do you like little chlidren, even if they cry?
I like my grandparents but i hate cring children.
I dont like both of them.
I dont know.
Yes i like talking with older people and i love little children.
I like children.

Question 9:Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
No. and i dont want any.

Question 10:What type of music do you like?
I like church music.
I like pop music
I like slow-dance type of music.
I dont know.
I like all types of music.

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