How Happy Are You?
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How Happy Are You?


Question 1:What do you do (or want to do) when you see two people "in love"?
I'd like to (and have) kick all of them.
I usually don't think about/notice any couples.
It depends on the people. Some I want to hit and others I don't really think about.
I usually don't do anything besides think about how much I was/am in love.

Question 2:What's your reaction when you get a 'D' on a test?
I'll study and do better next time.
That would never happen. I don't get anything lower than a 'B' on tests.
At least it's not an 'F'.
Wow! That's a lot better than last time!

Question 3:Who's Jack Handey?
Someone from a tv show. I wouldn't know which one because I think tv's evil.
That funny "Deep Thought" dude from SNL.
A genius.

Question 4:What was the point of the show Soap?
I've never heard of that show.
To make fun of the over-dramatized soap operas that there are just too many of.
To make people laugh.
I don't watch very much tv, so I don't know.

Question 5:When people are crying over not getting first place in a contest, what are you usually doing?
I'm usually crying too.
Thinking about how worthless and dumb they all are. Crying? Over not getting first place? I've got better things to do.
It depends if I would have won money for first place.
Trying to calm them down. I'm just a big shoulder (to cry on).

Question 6:What's your favorite pet?
Cats, spiders, anything that doesn't need too much care and prefers to be on it's own.
I don't believe in having pets! It's just as bad as the Zoo!

Question 7:Do you read books?
Not really. I like to do FUN stuff.
What are books? I watch movies.
Of course, it's a nice escape form reality.

Question 8:What do you think of this next sentence: Don't let happiness happen to you!
That's so wrong! Everyone should be happy!
It's my motto.
I don't get it.
It's funny. It reminds me of those "Uncle Sam" posters.

Question 9:What kind of grades do/did you get in school?
Mostly As. One or two Bs.
As, Bs, and Cs.
Um, who needs grades? I have "Street Smarts".
Xs, Ys, and Zs.

Question 10:What are your usual thoughts at the end of a day?
I'm usually thinking about things that happened that day.
I don't know.
24 hours closer to my death.
I'm so glad I'm still alive.

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