Happiness Quiz: Are You Happy or Unhappy?

What's up, quiz takers? Have you been wondering about your well being and how happy or unhappy you really are? Have you taken more quizzes like this one almost every day lately, providing more and more personal information, but found them all to be wrong? Well, give me a little more information about yourself and try this test, if you would like. Maybe this will be THE best and most accurate Happiness Quiz for you!

  • 1
    You made it to Question 1! Thanks for giving it a try!

    Which of these days of the week do you like best?
    You made it to Question 1! Thanks for giving it a try! Which of these days of the week do you like best?
  • 2
    Which of the below best describes your general mood?
  • 3
    Which of these places makes (or would make) you feel happiest?

  • 4
    What kind of drugs do you most often take?
  • 5
    How would you describe the place you currently live?
  • 6
    How would you describe your current friend situation?

  • 7
    You're in the hospital. Why?
  • 8
    Which best describes your political affiliation?
  • 9
    You bought a new home. How would you describe it?
  • 10
    Which of the following do you fear you'll suffer from the most?

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25 days ago
55 days ago
I got: You are generally a happy person because of your relatively low score on this test. The lower the score, the happier you are. Although there's room for improvement, you already seem to be quite happy.

Not really accurate, I have depression for no 💑 reason! I even have tried to end my life a few months ago!
67 days ago
It said I was happy when I'm sad all the time for no reason
135 days ago
Thank you! Happy to be Happy!
668 days ago
I’m so happy lmaoo 💅🏼
868 days ago
I always feel so down and stressed. It feels like your in a dark tunnel with no way out. And if there were there would be no light.No happiness. You would be stuck in your minds own games.Either way its like your trapped in a room that is physically sucking out all of your happiness, and you cant escape it.
1327 days ago
I’m not all that happy to be honest I feel material things makes me happy.
1357 days ago
But I'm not happy....
1398 days ago
Im happy when I buy stuff but the happiness fades away honestly I’m not really happy I am more conflicted with emotions: