How Honest are You?
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How Honest are You?

This is just a silly quiz, so it can't really prove how honest a person is, but it'll give you an idea! Enjoy!

Question 1:What age do you give to people?
Just about 1-3 years above my actual age
Mine (duh)
Only a couple decades younger
Nothing dramatic, just maybe something around their age
I don't like this question!

Question 2:Have you ever judged someone on their appearance?
No way! I'm not that shallow
Have you ever seen Shallow Hal?
Yes, but I learned later that it's not right
Have YOU ever done that? Wait, what was the question?
I don't like this question!

Question 3:How often each week do you lie to your family?
Lie? I've never told a single lie in my life!
I lie about as much as you make sense
I don't lie weekly, more like daily
I do when I feel it's necessary
I don't like this question!

Question 4:How often do you worry about what others think of you?
I never do! Really. REALLY!
More than I should, but mainly when I'm just meeting them
Sometimes, oh wait, never, oh wait, what?
When I'm around nice people
I don't like this question!

Question 5:Have you ever yelled at your parents when they were just trying to help you with something?
I would never do such a thing! How dare you!
I was told these results were to be published
What? I umm... didn't quite catch that. Okay I think I got it. Aw damn I lost it!
I don't like this question
Yes, but I try not to when I realize it

Question 6:Have you ever faked a sick day?
Perhaps I should be asking you these questions!
I'm too sick to answer any more questions, sorry
I wasn't listening.
I don't like this question!
Maybe once, but not to my recollection

Question 7:When was the last time you lied to get out of doing something?
I don't lie! How many times do I have to tell you!
Will this be televised?
Can you... ummm... can y-you please repeat the question?
I don't like this question!
Not long ago, but I know it's happened

Question 8:Have you ever stooped to something low to get money?
No! I'm much more efficient
Oh no! I went deaf from listening to you this whole time! Consider yourself served!
Yes, sadly
I think there's water in my ears, hang on
I don't like this question!

Question 9:How many times have you blamed something you did on someone else?
Back off dude!
Is that a threat?
Damn! How did a crayon get in my ear?
Once or twice, but I'm not proud of it
I don't like this question!

Question 10:If you're not happy with someone's method of handling things, and it's affecting your group, how do you handle it?
I tell them simply, to keep going! Maybe they'll take a hint
I tell them straight forward, and try not to be mean, yet put their ethics in
How would you handle it!
Oh my god I think I heard you this time! Jewish? I'm not Jewish
I don't like this question! you know what, I don't like any of your questions! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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