How Honest Are You?
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How Honest Are You?

Question 1:You're in the principals office, and he gets called away. On his desk there is a file with your best friends name on it. What do you do?
read the file
sit quietly until he returns
just quickly take a look at it

Question 2:You haven't studied. Your teacher leaves the room. Your best friend offers to give you the answer. What do you do?
Don't look at them and ignore your friend
tell your friend you don't want to cheat
look at them

Question 3:Your friend wears an horrible looking sweater. He asks your opinion of it. What do you say?
tell them you hate it
tell them you like it
tell them you don't really care for it

Question 4:Your friend invites you over to her house. Your mom tells you, you can't. Your mom goes shopping. She won't be home for 3 hours. What do you do?
go to her house anyway
tell your friend you can't
beg and plead with your mom

Question 5:Your mom tells you to do your homework. You want to go outside. What do you do?
write down all the wrong answers
don't do it at all
Do your homework without complaining

Question 6:Your dad tells you to clean your room. You want to go swimming. What do you do?
clean you room
shove everything under the bed
Don't do anything

Question 7:You are supposed to drink some nasty tasting drink. You really do not like it. What do you do?
Drink the drink
Pour it down the drain

Question 8:Your mom asked you if you went down the street. she had told you not to, but you did. What do you do?
make up a crazy story about how someone made you go down it
tell her you didn't
Tell her you did

Question 9:Your mom tells you not to get on the computer. You really want to look up something. What do you do?
tell her you have something to look up
get on anyway
don't get on

Question 10:You wrote a poem but you copied it for another poem. Your mom asks you did you really write it. What do you say?
make up a wild story
tell her you did
Tell her that you did copy it

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