Introvert or extrovert?

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Are you an introvert, extrovert or somewhat in between?

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    Your best friend is having a party, you know pretty much everyone there except a small group hanging out together. You..

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162 days ago
Dear extroverts:
Here are a few things you just shouldn’t say to a quiet person - 1. When they say something don’t say ooh your talking cuz if they didn’t talk you’d say ooh your not talking so what then 🙄 2. Why are you quiet? Don’t ask that please. It’s makes things awkward and it’s just a part of some people’s personality. 3. Ooh your so quiet. Duh we already know that don’t need a state that!

People treat shyness quietness like something you should be ashamed of and loud confidence as a total good thing. Ur just born that way
434 days ago
If you're a mix of an introvert and an extrovert, it is called as an AMBIVERT.
I'm an introvert. Where all my fellow introverts at?!
573 days ago
Apparently I’m an extrovert.
695 days ago
thought I was better but I'm worse
1001 days ago
I'm a mix of both and thats ok normal i guess so i am happy with my score! I diddn't actually know what an introvert or an extrovert was untill i took this test so that kind of helps aswell! My sisters are definitly extroverts and they are both really annoying! I am not saying that all extroverts are annoying by the way it's just that my sisters happen to be annoying and extroverts at the same time!
1883 days ago
I like this test - don't get me wrong, but unfortunately, I have to point out some parts.

First -Not all introverts are quiet or reserved people. Normally, they just find themselves seeking out space in social gatherings as it physically exhausts them. Many people say that I am an introvert because I am rather unsociable and prefer to be on my own. That doesn't mean that I like to do homework or tidy during my alone time, I normally listen to loud and rock-type music and I go on my phone. There are different types of introversion, and this test only covers one- socially anxious.

Secondly, not all extroverts are 'revealing' or 'loud', they just find it easier to be with social crowds, and they don't find it exhausting. They also seek to find alone time, if they really need it, but obviously not so often.

I'm sorry, and I realise that this actually sounds like an essay, but I was bored and decided to take a few tests, and actually comment (rather critically).

This test was probably made years ago and no one will ever see this comment - not even the creator. But, just thought that I would let people know for future references.

(ironically puts a smiley face to end on a happy note)