Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?

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Have your friends ever labeled you as outgoing? Have you ever wondered if you are an introvert, an extrovert, or a bit of both? If so, this is the quiz for you!

Make sure to choose the answer that applies to you. If none apply to you if you were under these circumstances, pick the choice which resounds the closest to the decision you'd make.

  • 1
    You receive a text from a friend. It says, "Hey, Mike's birthday party is gonna be held tonight @ his house. Wanna come?" You...
  • 2
    You arrive at the party. The first thing you do is to...
  • 3
    About 45 minutes into the party, you...

  • 4
    The party is about to end. You check the clock. It's 9:00 PM. Some people are already leaving. You...
  • 5
    The next day, you...
  • 6
    You need to make a phone call to your friend Ann congratulating them on their graduation from high school. You...

  • 7
    Your phone call with Ann turns into her inviting you to hang out at the mall with friends. You...
  • 8
    After your outing at the mall with Ann and a few other friends, you...
  • 9
    At the end of the day, you...
  • 10
    Do you enjoy parties?

  • 11
    Do your friends say you're introverted or extroverted?

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899 days ago
100% introvert i-
916 days ago
Dear extroverts:
Here are a few things you just shouldn’t say to a quiet person - 1. When they say something don’t say ooh your talking cuz if they didn’t talk you’d say ooh your not talking so what then 🙄 2. Why are you quiet? Don’t ask that please. It’s makes things awkward and it’s just a part of some people’s personality. 3. Ooh your so quiet. Duh we already know that don’t need a state that!

People treat shyness quietness like something you should be ashamed of and loud confidence as a total good thing. Ur just born that way
1102 days ago
82 ambivert 18 extrovert and 0 introvert pretty accuarte ill say
1495 days ago
91% introvert, 9% ambient, 0% extrovert!!!!!!!! 😄