Am I introverted or extroverted?

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This quiz will help you find out whether you are more to an extrovert or introvert.

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    Can you tell a story in front of people you just met?

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283 days ago
You: You wouldn't mind living on an island all by yourself.

Me: Hell yessssss!!! I don't need to be an introvert for that!
481 days ago
I'm an introvert and fine with it
720 days ago
the most introverted bjtch alive..(wish i wasnt..)
748 days ago
Honestly these questions were a little bit hard because I don't know if my friends are an introvert or the other one the I forgot already.. :)
748 days ago
I liked this quiz but it could have been better...
748 days ago
But it was a great quiz!
748 days ago
I already knew that. I AM THE MOST EXTROVERTED PERSON IN THE WORLD. (not exaggerating)
857 days ago
Thx ...hey. I hope u enjoyed
878 days ago
lol. this quiz said i was an ambivert. ive always been introverted and will always be. but overall, rlly nice quiz btw.
898 days ago
It's ok Ann. Being an introvert isnt that bad! I was one of those before
898 days ago
Thanks Lisymel! Hmm no extroverts yet
922 days ago
Aahh im an aambivert
923 days ago
i got ambiverted, i've always thought i'm an ambivert
924 days ago
Ambivert, just as I suspected.... šŸ˜‡
924 days ago
I got introvert. And really, it's true
924 days ago
Good quiz! I got introvert but I think iā€™m more of an ambivert. But overall an enjoyable quiz Qwerty! šŸ’š
929 days ago
929 days ago
Hope you enjoyed my quiz! :P