Are you a genuine introvert?

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Have you ever found yourself relating to traits of both extroversion and introversion? Introverts tend to focus on their thoughts and feelings. Extroverts act based on external stimulation.

And in case you were wondering, you can fall somewhere between the two sides and change it along the way too. Here’s a quiz to figure out where you fall among these two personality traits!

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    Someone you don't know that well calls you over and talks about their personal woes and struggles. You had a 5 minutes conversation. You ..?

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2 hours ago
I am an introvert ALL THE WAY BABY
49 days ago
evanslily i saw your comment on another quiz! 😜
49 days ago
Im an extrovert 😃 i love being around my friends 💗
57 days ago
i am most definitely nOT introverted but almost all my friends are introverts haha
sometimes i'm scared i freak them out cuz i never stfu lmao
61 days ago
I am exactly in the middle of introvert and extrovert.