How Kind Are You Quiz

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A quiz to test how kind you are! Please note that this isn't a truly accurate quiz, and if you are looking for definite answers, please find a different one.
Also, please try to be honest with yourself, but it's alright if you just want to play around!

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    How many friends to you have?

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28 days ago
Pls dont be rude it bad. But sad for sad ;(
28 days ago
28 days ago
Hi so my very sad bc everybody is rude and my kind i wanna die or be rude...
55 days ago
"just like me" doesnt even serve the purpose of the quiz
174 days ago
though i did not like question 7 about do you fight or how much do you like your family well......every one fights like here and there nobodys family is perfect and i love my family but we do fight......
174 days ago
im very nice i LLOOVVEEE sisterhood but my to younger siblings fight with each one another and i try my best to help them not to (to have sister hood) and i love to help people in need
218 days ago
Im a very kind person
263 days ago
✋ī¸Ž ☚ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸ŽđŸ˜ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâœ‹ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž ✈ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜Ēī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ☝ī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâœžī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ⚐ī¸Žâ˜žī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâšī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ⚐ī¸ŽđŸ•ˆī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Ž 😐ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž

👌ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ„ī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ✌ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž 👌ī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž 💧ī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâœ‹ī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ✈ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜Ēī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✋ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž ☠ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž 👍ī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’Ŗī¸ŽđŸąī¸Žâ˜šī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ✌ī¸ŽđŸ‘ī¸ŽđŸ‘ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž

👎ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâšī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ☞ī¸ŽâœŒī¸ŽđŸ‘ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✋ī¸Ž 🕈ī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ☚ī¸ŽâœŒī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž 👎ī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ•ˆī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ☚ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜žī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ☞ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽđŸ’Ŗī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽâœĄī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ⚐ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž 🕈ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸Ž 👍ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâšī¸Ž 👌ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž 👌ī¸ŽâœŒī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ☟ī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸ŽđŸ’Ŗī¸Ž ⚐ī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž 🕈ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸Ž 👎ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ•¯ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž 👎ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Žâœžī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ☜ī¸Žâœ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸąī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž
351 days ago
I liked this quiz! and thank you for the result. I have just one question though, sorry if someone asked you this already, but is it necessary to have and want many friends to be kind? I try to do my best, but I often block in front of other people, or while talking in texts, so I couldn't really make many friends even if I wanted to...
but still, thank you for making this quiz! I loved it!
365 days ago
im a very kind person
390 days ago
Hi I got a good person and i think that this test deserves a ten (couldn't choose that because there wasn't a choice on it) the teat was bang on right with me. I fight not that often but only with my brother, I have a bunch of friend who are really nice towards me and im allways trying to make things better 😃. 10/10 from me
542 days ago
I got just like me. I am a really really kind 10 year old girl and I will do almost anything for other people ☔ī¸â˜”ī¸â˜”ī¸
557 days ago
I got: Whoa! You're an out of control giver! You only think about others, and almost never think about yourself! You are part of many people's life's, and you're amazing at being a good person, but be careful. There are lots of people who will take advantage of that.
594 days ago
I am a very kind person and I got just like me u will do almost anything for a friend thankyou
697 days ago
I got:
Just Like Me! You will do almost anything for a friend, but you won't go so far as to hurt yourself, or others. You are very caring, and people should admire you for that. I bet lots of people enjoy your company, and some might even need you. I am so relieved. I think all of your results were flipping amazing! 😄
769 days ago
I’m very kind thank you 💛
936 days ago
Oh, unicorn fan club, I think your results were amazing!
936 days ago
You're a good person. Plenty of people are amazing, and plenty are not. You're pretty average, to me at least. I bet you have plenty of friends, and they are all happy to know you.
Yes! (P.S. did any one else think it was funny when one of the answers was, "No! I hate people and I hate this quiz! (then leave o.o)?)
957 days ago
They were my results I think they are pretty good hope they are can anyone give me their opinion pls it will mean a lot to me .
957 days ago
You're a good person. Plenty of people are amazing, and plenty are not. You're pretty average, to me at least. I bet you have plenty of friends, and they are all happy to know you