How Kind Are You Quiz

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A quiz to test how kind you are! Please note that this isn't a truly accurate quiz, and if you are looking for definite answers, please find a different one.
Also, please try to be honest with yourself, but it's alright if you just want to play around!

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    How many friends to you have?

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2 days ago
Is a nice quiz anyway
60 days ago
hi i am 8 years old i feel confidant with my answer it is true that i am very very kind and i will help lots of people in need i help and have lots of friends.
81 days ago
this quiz helped me be kind
104 days ago
what is this.. lmao too funny-
198 days ago
hi um I'm 9 years old thank you it really helped me feel confidant and brave i hope you get the best ratings and stay safe and happy bye and I want to show this to every one this because its awesome bye again thanks so much
450 days ago
Pls dont be rude it bad. But sad for sad ;(
450 days ago
450 days ago
Hi so my very sad bc everybody is rude and my kind i wanna die or be rude...
477 days ago
"just like me" doesnt even serve the purpose of the quiz
596 days ago
though i did not like question 7 about do you fight or how much do you like your family well......every one fights like here and there nobodys family is perfect and i love my family but we do fight......
596 days ago
im very nice i LLOOVVEEE sisterhood but my to younger siblings fight with each one another and i try my best to help them not to (to have sister hood) and i love to help people in need
639 days ago
Im a very kind person
685 days ago
✋ī¸Ž ☚ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸ŽđŸ˜ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâœ‹ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž ✈ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜Ēī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ☝ī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâœžī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ⚐ī¸Žâ˜žī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâšī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ⚐ī¸ŽđŸ•ˆī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Ž 😐ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž

👌ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ„ī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ✌ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž 👌ī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž 💧ī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâœ‹ī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ✈ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜Ēī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✋ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž ☠ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž 👍ī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’Ŗī¸ŽđŸąī¸Žâ˜šī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ✌ī¸ŽđŸ‘ī¸ŽđŸ‘ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž

👎ī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâšī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ☞ī¸ŽâœŒī¸ŽđŸ‘ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✋ī¸Ž 🕈ī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ•†ī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ☚ī¸ŽâœŒī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž 👎ī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ•ˆī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Ž đŸ’Ŗī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ☚ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâ˜žī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ☞ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽđŸ’Ŗī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽâœĄī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ“Ēī¸Ž ⚐ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸Žâ˜šī¸ŽâœĄī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž 🕈ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸Ž 👍ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸Žâšī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâšī¸Ž 👌ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž 👌ī¸ŽâœŒī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ‘Žī¸Ž ☟ī¸ŽâœŒī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸ŽđŸ’Ŗī¸Ž ⚐ī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Ž 🕈ī¸Žâ˜Ÿī¸Žâšī¸Ž 👎ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ•¯ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž 👎ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸Žâ˜œī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Žâœžī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ✋ī¸Žâ„ī¸Ž ✌ī¸Žâ˜ŧī¸Žâ˜œī¸Ž ☜ī¸Žâœ ī¸Žâ˜œī¸ŽđŸąī¸Žâ„ī¸Žâœ‹ī¸Žâšī¸Žâ˜ ī¸ŽđŸ’§ī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž
773 days ago
I liked this quiz! and thank you for the result. I have just one question though, sorry if someone asked you this already, but is it necessary to have and want many friends to be kind? I try to do my best, but I often block in front of other people, or while talking in texts, so I couldn't really make many friends even if I wanted to...
but still, thank you for making this quiz! I loved it!
787 days ago
im a very kind person
812 days ago
Hi I got a good person and i think that this test deserves a ten (couldn't choose that because there wasn't a choice on it) the teat was bang on right with me. I fight not that often but only with my brother, I have a bunch of friend who are really nice towards me and im allways trying to make things better 😃. 10/10 from me
964 days ago
I got just like me. I am a really really kind 10 year old girl and I will do almost anything for other people ☔ī¸â˜”ī¸â˜”ī¸
978 days ago
I got: Whoa! You're an out of control giver! You only think about others, and almost never think about yourself! You are part of many people's life's, and you're amazing at being a good person, but be careful. There are lots of people who will take advantage of that.
1015 days ago
I am a very kind person and I got just like me u will do almost anything for a friend thankyou
1118 days ago
I got:
Just Like Me! You will do almost anything for a friend, but you won't go so far as to hurt yourself, or others. You are very caring, and people should admire you for that. I bet lots of people enjoy your company, and some might even need you. I am so relieved. I think all of your results were flipping amazing! 😄