How Kind Are You?

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Has anyone ever said that you are a kind and polite person, or are you ignorant and a bully? Well, this quiz will tell you how kind you really are!:)

  • 1
    You see somebody drop their wallet on the street, and inside the wallet is £20. You are very tempted to take the money, but you know that it isn't the right thing to do. What do you decide to do?
  • 2
    You are in English Class, and you get paired up with one of the weird nerds. They look at you and start talking about their new experiment, but you don't look interested. How do you react?
  • 3
    Your Maths Teacher gives you your test paper, and tells you to start the exam. She tells everyone in the class that there is no cheating allowed. You start the test, and this guy who you are sitting next to tells you to give him the answers, or he'll make sure that this is your last day in this school. What do you do?

  • 4
    You see a girl getting picked on by another boy in Year 10. You can't bear the thought of watching her suffer, but you don't want to interfere or get in the way if you
    then start getting picked on. What do you do?
  • 5
    You walk past someone in the school corridor, and they make fun of your clothes. How do you react?
  • 6
    You walk home from school, until you see this guy telling you that he'll pick you up, and that your mum is on her way. You are a bit cautious that you don't know who this guy is, and your parents have warned you of Stranger Danger before. What do you say?

  • 7
    You are bored and stuck at home until your friend asks you to come to her party, but you are uncertain about going, as you won't know who anyone is, and your parents will be worried sick about where you have been. What do you do?
  • 8
    Your friend begs you to come to the party, as she has no one else to go with. You are still a bit uncertain, but know that it is not a good idea. What do you tell her?
  • 9
    Your teacher has some really exciting news for you at school. There will be a writing competition, and whoever can write me the best story wins £200 pounds! You need to win, but you are not good at writing, what do you do?
  • 10
    You are in your room playing video games, until your brother calls you a slut for not giving him the controller. What do you say?

  • 11
    You are out walking about, until you see someone being very mean to a dog! What do you do?
  • 12
    You and your brother got into a feud, so you decide to go and spend some time alone in your own room. Your brother keeps banging on your bedroom door, and won't leave you be. You've had enough. What do you tell him?

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