Are you lazy?
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Are you lazy?

Well, lets see how lazy you really are.

Question 1:You want to watch TV, but you can't find the remote. You:
push the power button on the TV. DUH!
are too lazy to tell your little bro/sis to find the remote, so you continue to sit on the couch until you get soooooo bored that you fall asleep.
make your little brother/sister find the remote.
try to find the remote.

Question 2:Do you ever have to count to 3 to make yourself get up?
well, once.
it happens to me all the time!
sometimes it happens.

Question 3:You really need to go to the bathroom, but you just sat down. You:
continue to sit for a few minutes and then go to the bathroom.
convince yourself that you really don't have to go so that you won't have to get up.
Well, duh. You would go to the bathroom!
continue to sit until the moment that comes right before you start to piss.

Question 4:During a conversation, have you ever stopped talking in the middle of a sentence because your mouth got tired?
No. That has never happened to me.
Oh. That happens to me all the time!
It happens once in a while.

Question 5:You and a group of people have to do pull ups. You're the one that is:
helping someone get onto the bar.
inventing a MER(aka Maximum Energy Revitalizer) that will help you get onto the bar using the least energy possible.
jumping up to the bar yourself.
being helped onto the bar.

Question 6:What's your favorite activity from the choices given.
Running, running, running and anything else that takes a lot of energy.
I like to read.
eating, sleeping, and watching TV.
swimming and skiing are fun.

Question 7:The alarm clock goes off. You:
stay in bed for a few more minutes, and then get up.
Jump out of bed, ready to start your day.
go back to sleep until your mom drags you out of bed.
get out of bed, but only because you can't find the off button on the alarm.

Question 8:You're suppose to do the dishes. So you:
do them, but only after your dad comes and yells at you because you still didn't do them yet.
do the dishes.
wait for your favorite show to be over, and then wash the dishes.
swear that you'll do them once your show is over, but then you forget and wake up the next morning with a note on the fridge from your parents, telling you you're not allowed to go anywhere until you wash the dishes.

Question 9:You have a ton of homework to do. So when you get home, you're gonna:
Do your homework right when you get home.
Get home, eat a snack, watch some TV, and get your homework done before dinner starts.
forget to do it, but decide to wake up early the next morning and finish it. But unfortunately, your alarm didn't go off, so you have to do it all on the bus.
wait until after dinner, and get it done around 11pm.

Question 10:You consider yourself:
So lazy that you don't think you can finish this quiz because you would have to move your hand.
Not lazy at all!
Kinda lazy.

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